“So, I bought your program the last time it was on sale. I was very much into lifting at the gym for about 10 years, then had a couple of kids then COVID. Haven’t really gained workout momentum at home.

Your program is reminding me of what it feels like to be strong and have better mobility. Not sure how to put into words how impactful that is for me – after having kids, your body and how it feels/ moves/works changes a lot. This feels like prepregnancy movement in the BEST possible way. So thanks for making it. 12/10 recommend.” 




“Hey Ben, just finished the 6 week program and I LOVED it! My job requires a fair amount of sitting which has led to frequent sore back/hips. The level of glute activation in this program is so good. Feeling so much stronger and no more pain! I can’t wait for your next program.”




“My life thanks to the ab workouts and my core got noticeably stronger.

Relatedly, one of my favorite things is how you stacked ab workouts with other parts of the body. E.g.: hollow body, 1 arm press and exercises of the like. This made working the abs so much more enjoyable and efficient.

The workouts were so much fun. Can’t stress this enough. It was the perfect amount of challenging and enjoyable that had me coming back every time.

Exercises like the bird dog row that require some balance and coordination are particularly fun. Not doing the same stuff every day also helped with the motivation.

I liked the warmups too. I’ve never been one to warm up even though I know I should, but this warmup was actually enjoyable. For the next program you develop I’d love to see the warmups change sometimes, provided that’s actually efficient in practice.

Anyway, 10/10 would recommend your program. Thanks for putting it together and I’m looking forward to the next one, customer for life.




“Hi Ben, I just finished your program (took a two week break from being sick)

but just wanted to let you know it’s a great and very approachable program. I love the efficiency of the workouts and your dry humor in the videos. It has been a great compliment to my other movement routines of hiking, pilates and yoga. Look forward to the new program, thanks for taking the time to read my feedback and thank YOU for designing such an awesome program! Xoxo from HKG”




“Ok- well I really enjoyed the program.

I’m actually repeating it for another 6 weeks which is very rare for me! I found the full body workouts to be pretty tough on the first six weeks but on this second round I am feeling really good on everything. You have a really unique style to your programming and I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the new release when you’re all done.

Good luck!




“Wife bought it for me to get me into working out again as I was in a major slump after L4/L5 injury left me walking with a cane for a while. Since then I have tried other programs, which usually were too intense, too fast, or made prone to injury through obscure exercises. So I defaulted to cardio and quarterly pattern of starting some “lifting program.” Fast forward to this year. I started to program. Week 1 day 1, I walk downstairs to our home gym and start the warm up. The foam roller opened me up like I haven’t been in years. Unlocked my hips, back feels great. Rock through the first warm up.


Then, the first work out made my body feel like an old familiar friend. I look forward to the workouts. Sh*t I feel better about myself. Stronger, objectively. I have the data to back it up, and the butt-dyno says it too. The rest is history and I’m hooked again.

Also, totally manageable with two kids and has made holding my kids easy lifting.



“I completed the women’s program and l’ve got to say, as a new mom and a working mom who was struggling to get back into the routine, your program made it possible. I only ever had time for the A and B not the C, but it was still a great workout. The videos were super helpful and I really enjoyed how smooth and easy everything was to use. I’ve done PN before so I ignored that stuff this go around- mainly because it was just too overwhelming/I don’t have time.


I’m going to try the men’s program next, and then hopefully work in enough time for the C portion of the workouts. This was so user friendly though and I appreciate how straightforward and effective and efficient you made this. I learned a lot and I’m looking forward to the next round. Thanks for sharing your talents. My mental and physical state are much stronger because of your work!”




“Yo, I just finished this week, your second 6-week program. Not kissing a*s, but yeah, it’s my favorite workout program I have ever followed or purchased. It’s total body to included core. I am seeing strength improvements and if it wasn’t for all the junk I eat, definitely would have been a little more shredded. But hey, slow and steady and consistent is good for me!

Thanks again man. If you want me to test your future workout programs, l’ll be the first in line to help with that.

Have a nice weekend!”




“Hey Ben!

I just wanted to let you know I loved your program! I just finished this week and I plan to start it again next week. A few things I really liked:

– I feel like I’m training vs. just working out.

– The warmup and exercises incorporate mobility (I can already see an improvement here)

– App functionality to track weights. This allowed me to progress each week.

– Full body workouts with core engagement throughout.

I’m the smallest and strongest I’ve been in a very long time. Looking forward to trying out your next program.




“My guy… finished the 6 week program.

I gained 5 lbs of muscle, and found my groove again. The program was nothing fancy and helped me with my consistency and that’s exactly what I needed. The 7/10 hard mantra is what I live by in my active rehab/trainer profession and for myself.

The concept of this program is something I’ll continue to take with me, really excited to see your 2nd program.

Will be one of the first in line.”




“I started lifting weights six months before Covid.

When we all got sent home, I started using programs to help plan my workouts, and I was always disappointed. This program is exactly what I was looking for. The interface is excellent.

The instructions are clear. The exercises are effective and it’s very easy to use, and most of all I love this approach to training.”




“Yesss it’s so good!!! I have one week left and I am going to restart it from the beginning because I love it that much and am seeing awesome results. I’m 7 months postpartum, so rebuilding my strength has been a very humbling experience. With that said, your program has made me feel strong and confident again. It’s also easy to follow, but challenging (in the best way). The best part is how much stronger I feel after just 6 weeks. Thank you, Ben!!!




“Just completed the 6 week program and loved it! I feel stronger, love that it’s full body and 3 days a week. I’ve tried many fitness programs, but this is the first one I’ve actually finished! I’m excited to go through the program again and I’II be eagerly awaiting the next one!! Thanks again!!!




“This program rocks! It is very user friendly and easy to follow. The length of the coaching cues and videos are perfect! I also love the holistic approach to the app in terms of including a nutrition component, sleep, steps, outside activities, etc. The nutrition tips are non-overwhelming: for example, you give us one tip (eat protein with each meal) rather than 100 tips right off the bat. Most of all this program is really fun!!




“Full disclosure: I was TERRIFIED of going down to only lifting 3 days each week. I had been lifting 5-6x/ week and I thought *for sure* I would lose a bunch of muscle. Turns out, Ben knows what he’s doing. After 6 weeks, I am: lifting heavier, seeing more muscle definition than I had been in MONTHS of lifting more frequently.  Down 9lbs, more balanced/steady, my mobility has increased, and I FEEL stronger and more capable than I’ve ever felt.

Worth noting that I did dial in my nutrition to be more consistent but I also have not deprived myself of anything. If I want it, I eat it. I just do so in moderation because the results I’m seeing from Ben’s program make me want to stay consistent.

All that to say: if you were considering Ben’s program? Run, don’t walk, to go sign up.

It’s worth every single penny.

(Which honestly isn’t much for the value you get)





“Hi Ben! I’m close to finishing my second time through your programming. As much as I enjoyed it the first time through, I think I’ve gained more from it my second time through. I’m still just as challenged, yet moving better and progressing in weight without sacrificing my form. I feel functional and strong!


The meal plan is an absolute game changer as well. Both components of the program strip “fitness” right down to its core- move with intention, eat well most of the time, and don’t overcomplicate it. Do simple better!

I’m eager to purchase the next one when you release it. Thank you!”




“Hey! I just wanted to say thank you for releasing this program. I’ve struggled with a bulging disk/lower back pain for about a year or two now. Tried a lot of different protocols… but since starting your full body program I really believe the emphasis on core, especially the obliques has done wonders for my back. Seriously, I had to wear a brace for any kind of deadlifting as well as basketball but now I haven’t had to wear it in the last month or so and I’ve been completely free of any back pain whatsoever. The core feels so much stronger. Thank you Ben!





“I just finished up the program. For reference I was a collegiate d1 athlete and have been a coach at that same level for 10+ years. I’ve always been an endurance person (running/rowing) but did Olympic lifts in college and have dabbled in a bit of lifting since those days. I’ve never been happy with lifting or noticed meaningful results. I was always resistant to lifting because I didn’t want to be a meat head and was a fat kid who thought running cured all.

Your program was perfect for someone like me with an athletic background but no idea how to program weights beyond (DL/Squat/bench). The core and sided focus kept me engaged and challenged.

It’s also brilliant to have your instruction to return to and log workouts easily in the app, and have alternative exercises with video to insert. I look at everyone else at the gym and feel bad for them.

Thanks for providing such a great tool!





“Hi! I started your program for women a couple weeks ago. I work out with a trainer 1x a week and Use your program the other 2-3x a week because I like it and I like the full body splits. I had to start using the gym in my condo building because my dumbbells at home (collected during Covid 5-20lbs) weren’t heavy enough. I’m a 53 year old woman, in the early stages of menopause and my body is changing in ways I can’t control, but l’ve recently seen some strength gains from working out with you like now being able to do 10+ pushups from my toes, actually getting my supported knee down lower in the rear-foot elevated split squat, and lifting 35 lbs dumbbells in some cases. 


I use the videos in the app all the time, It was well worth the money even with the exchange rate from US to Canadian $$$. I’ve read the nutritional info and started to use my hand size to measure food. I appreciate that you aren’t obsessive about any of it! Thanks for creating it”





“I worked w/a coach in 2016 to complete a bikini competition, & ever since have been lifting 4-5 days/week w/body part splits.

I was hesitant but excited to try your program. I’ve been following you for years & value your knowledge/ expertise, but had never tried full body training & wasn’t sure how my body (& let’s be honest..brain!) would react to the shift. I HAVE LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!!! The dynamic & thorough warmup you provided is unmatched. Great heart rate bump to get things kicked off, & truly put my body in a state of being ready to work.


The breakdown of the program & exercises was easy to follow, AND the app with the detailed videos is invaluable! Being able to refer back at any time is huge. The program without a doubt has made me stronger, AND some of my prior injuries (lower back & hips) spoke to me significantly less than when I was doing the body part split training, and It was challenging but FUN!

LOVE this program!! Thank you.