Here’s a quick routine that I like to use prior to workouts, sports, or on off-days when I’ve trying to loosen up. It’s just five moves, all of which are meant to be done in circuit fashion so that you also get your heart rate up a little bit and increase tissue temperature to get you feeling ready to go.

If you do this routine three times a week, I can almost guarantee you’ll see a positive change in how you move, and more importantly, how your body feels.

1. Spidermans

10 reps per side

My #1 Overall bang-for-buck mobility exercise. If you only had time to do one exercise on this list, this would be it, without a doubt. When mastered, try the advanced version with the elevated back leg.

2. Sumo Squat Stretch

10 reps per side
(gently rocking back and forth)

Static stretch turned active! Slowly rock side to side and make sure you don’t squat all the way down. Keep full range of motion throughout.

3. TRX/Doorknob Lat

20 seconds per arm

Use a TRX or a doorknob (depending on what you have available to you). Watch this video to see both variations. You know you’re doing it right if you’re feeling it in your lats and arm area.


10 reps

Equal parts glute activation and an upper body stretch. You will feel it in the area you need it most. Make sure you squeeze your glutes on the top. Do not arch your lower back and keep your core engaged. Don’t lean your head back. Increase range of motion over time. 

5. Cossack Squats or Elevated Adductor Squats

10 reps per side

These are two ways to mobilize the groin and adductors. Pick whichever one feels more appropriate. Watch the video for more details and guidelines on which one to select.

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