The Opti-Bar is an attachment that’s used in conjunction with the landmine to allow you to do a myriad of great exercises in a more joint-friendly fashion. We use it primarily for the clean-to-press exercise, along with deadlifts, angled presses, reverse lunges and single leg Romanian deadlifts. I resigned the handles to be more comfortable to grip to take stress off the hands and wrists, making it more user-friendly while also allowing you to handle heavier weights.

  • Opti-Bar slides directly on the end of a regular Olympic Bar.
  • Provides a challenging way to build strength and power.
  • Perform numerous exercises like squats, deadlifts, rows and clean and press movements.
  • Rotating handles allow for easier movements when changing positions.
  • Weight horns allow you to add plates for greater resistance.
  • Opti-Bar weighs 45lbs.

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