My Top 5 Mobility Drills

The 4-5 minute routine I use to Move & Feel Better.


I get it, and I agree..

I’d personally much rather do strength training or play sports than work on my mobility, and if I’m being honest—since we’re in the circle of trust—I often used to skip it.

 I’d preach it to my clients but then skip it myself; do as I say, not as I do, as that saying goes. Sometimes that’s fine when you’re young, but it’ll definitely start to catch up to you over time.

Some lucky people are blessed with superior mobility and don’t really need to work at it, but those people are the exceptions, not the rule.

Personally, I’ve had to work really hard at improving my mobility just to go from awful to average.

Now as I approach my 20th of training, staying on top of my mobility work is more crucial than ever.

I'm Ben Bruno

I’m a trainer in Los Angeles. I work with an extremely wide range of clients: from professional athletes, to musicians, to actors, to models, to my mom.

I still like to think of myself as an athlete, even though all I do these days is play golf, tennis, and ski recreationally. I train a lot of professional athletes too, and I do my best to hang with them in the gym.

One thing that I’ve noticed is that elite athletes prioritize mobility work too, especially as they start to get older. 

Success leaves clues, so I’ve taken note and made mobility work more of a priority in my own training and with my clients.

The good news is
it only takes 4-5 minutes

It's just like brushing your teeth.

In that way, I often liken mobility work to brushing your teeth. It only takes a minute or two to brush your teeth, but you have to do it often. 

In the short term, we brush our teeth so we have fresh breath, but brushing also helps to ward off bigger dental issues in the long term. 

Mobility is much the same. 

In the short term, we do it before each workout to make our workouts better and more productive, but consistent mobility work also helps to ward off injuries down the road and helps us to age more gracefully.


Use it prior to workouts, sports, or on off-days when you’re trying to loosen up.