Different version of the 1 leg squat

Today instead of doing full pistol squats I did one leg squats to a bench. I like both variations and think they can both be used effectively, though this variation may be more friendly to some people. These felt great on my knees and my legs got worked very well. After doing full pistol squats the past few weeks it felt a good deal easier only going to parallel. I will most likely include both variations in my training and they could compliment each other well. Today was also really the first time I have ever used chains, but someone [...]


Quick tip for unilateral training

One of the biggest benefits of unilateral training is that is promotes balance. Most people will find that they have one arm or leg that is stronger than the other. For me, my right side limbs were always stronger than my left limbs. Single limb training is an easy way to 1) reveal these imbalances and 2) balance them.The typical recommendation for unilateral exercises is to start with your weak limb first and then repeat the same number of repetitions with the stronger limb to avoid exacerbating any strength differences. This strategy makes sense, but when I employ it in [...]


My single leg squat experiment

Introduction One week before my college graduation back in May, I tweaked my back trying to get a duffel bag from underneath my bed. I wish I had a better story, but that’s the truth. At first I thought it was just a minor pull, but several hours later it seized up to where I could not even stand up straight and I had sciatic pain radiating down my leg and causing my foot to burn. I spent the next three days lying in bed with my only activity being flipping over from side to side trying to get comfortable. [...]


Double bodyweight pistol squat

I got a new personal best today with pistol squats, getting double my bodyweight for 2 reps. My weight is 176 lbs and I did 177x2. I used 6 weighted vests for a total of 152 lbs (I used my 65 lb vest and 5 vests that are supposed to be 20 pounds but don't all weight the same so I put them on the scale) and 2 12.5 lb dumbells. It was funny because while it was very hard, it actually felt a little easier to balance than it did last time I did them with 60 less pounds. [...]