Random Thoughts: Self-Myofascial Release and Cardio

I have a few ostensibly random thoughts to share, so rather than break it up into separate posts, I decided a Random Thoughts post was in order. Bear with me… 1. More self-myofascial release for the pecs and biceps I made a post yesterday (read it here) showing four simple drills to loosen up the pecs and shoulders. After I posted, Thomas Deebel, a great chiropractor and super strong lifter in his own right, commented that rolling the biceps with a lacrosse ball on a glute-ham raise (GHR) bench works really well too. I had never really even thought to [...]


Random Thoughts and Quick Hits

It's been a wild week here, but (knock on wood) the weather seems to be slowing down so hopefully that's a sign of things to come. I have not had as much to write the past several weeks, so I thought it would be a great time to drop some random thoughts and quick hits. Here it goes. 1. MBSC Winter Seminar. We are having the annual seminar at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning this Saturday, February 3rd. The speakers will be Dan John and (obviously) Mike Boyle. Dan will be giving two one-hour talks and Mike will be speaking [...]


Monday Mélange: Checking In

After the last week of holiday festivities, I can imagine a lot of you are suffering from a severe case of the “Mondays” as you go back to the grind. Fear not: I thought I would use this time to make a couple of random announcements for you to check out while you put off working. Here it goes. 1. Twitter. After some prodding from Bret Contreras, I decided to start a Twitter account. You can “follow” me HERE. I never thought this day would come. It’s funny because I have been vehemently opposed to joining for awhile, but to [...]


2010 in Review, and Looking Forward

I can't believe it's almost 2011. I just got used to writing 2010 on all my documents about a month ago and now it has to go and change again. What's that about? Anyway, Happy New Year!With 2010 coming to a close, I thought it would be a good time to reflect back a little bit on my blog and look forward to 2011. I started this blog back in mid-August, so it’s only been about four and a half months. Still, that’s about four months longer than I thought it would last. When I first started it, I was [...]


Random Thoughts and Quick Hits from Florida

Sorry for the lack of updates this week. I have been visiting family in Florida for the holidays and have busy with that, plus I have not had internet access for most of the time. I managed to break away for a little bit to check my return flight information so I’d thought I’d spew a few snippets of randomness from the past week. 1. Family. It has been a nice trip and I love getting the chance to see everyone and spend some time together. The older I get, the less I seem to see my family but the [...]


Random Thoughts and Quick Hits

With the holidays coming up soon, my mind has been all over the place recently. So with that said, I thought I'd share some of my thoughts. I'm warning you right now though, it's random. 1. Over and out. I am leaving for Florida on Thursday to visit my family for Christmas, so I won’t be around for a little while. I found out yesterday that I will not have access to the internet where I’m staying (seriously, who doesn’t have the internet these days), so that means I probably won’t be making any posts while I’m gone. I got [...]


Since when did hard work become a bad thing?

By and large, as a country, we are more unfit than ever before. Physical fitness standards have gone way down and it has become acceptable to be fat and weak. At the same time, I have been seeing more and more discussion about “overtraining” recently, and I have to say that most of the times, it makes me cringe. I put the term in quotations because I believe it is a subject that is largely misunderstood and highly overused, both by expert trainers and beginner trainees alike. Let me be clear up front that I absolutely believe that overtraining is [...]


Get your mind right

In our quest to get stronger, we tend to focus primarily on the physical and tangible aspects of our training. How many sets should I do? How many reps? How much weight should I use? How much sleep should I get? What should I be eating? How is my form?These things are all important, but in my humble opinion, the most important aspect of any training program is something that cannot be quantified: the mind. I truly believe that the mental aspect of training trumps all else. You can control all the outside variables you want and have a perfect [...]


A closer look at the junk in my trunk

I thought I would change it up a little bit and show you guys the different junk I keep in my trunk: literally. Now that I am interning at MBSC I have access to a great gym with lots of nice equipment, but this has not always been the case. In fact, I have spent my entire lifting career up in commercial gyms. I have always lifted alone, and I have never been in situation where I have been able to learn from more experienced lifters. I am self-taught and have learned what I know by reading articles and watching [...]


Quick tip for unilateral training

One of the biggest benefits of unilateral training is that is promotes balance. Most people will find that they have one arm or leg that is stronger than the other. For me, my right side limbs were always stronger than my left limbs. Single limb training is an easy way to 1) reveal these imbalances and 2) balance them.The typical recommendation for unilateral exercises is to start with your weak limb first and then repeat the same number of repetitions with the stronger limb to avoid exacerbating any strength differences. This strategy makes sense, but when I employ it in [...]