Since when did hard work become a bad thing?

By and large, as a country, we are more unfit than ever before. Physical fitness standards have gone way down and it has become acceptable to be fat and weak. At the same time, I have been seeing more and more discussion about “overtraining” recently, and I have to say that most of the times, it makes me cringe. I put the term in quotations because I believe it is a subject that is largely misunderstood and highly overused, both by expert trainers and beginner trainees alike. Let me be clear up front that I absolutely believe that overtraining is [...]


Get your mind right

In our quest to get stronger, we tend to focus primarily on the physical and tangible aspects of our training. How many sets should I do? How many reps? How much weight should I use? How much sleep should I get? What should I be eating? How is my form?These things are all important, but in my humble opinion, the most important aspect of any training program is something that cannot be quantified: the mind. I truly believe that the mental aspect of training trumps all else. You can control all the outside variables you want and have a perfect [...]


Don’t write off high-rep training completely

High rep training gets a bad name. People seem to think that anything over 20 reps is worthless for gaining size or strength and is nothing more than conditioning work or something women do to get “toned.” I have seen an abstract from a research study floating around the internet that argues that low-load high volume training stimulates protein synthesis to a greater degree than high-load low volume training. I only read the abstract so I do not feel I can really comment of this particular study in any meaningful way, but I was amused by people’s reactions. Without even [...]