Awesome Fitness Videos For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 72

I hope you all had a good weekend and are gearing up for a big week. I had a great weekend and I’m feeling good and ready to rock. Of course, it probably helps that I just put together this awesome compilation of training videos from the past week. I get a lot of motivation watching all this awesomeness, and I hope you do, too. This is actually the biggest list I’ve put together in a long time, so you’re in luck. I’ll just get to it though. I’ve also been getting around to uploading of my own videos, and [...]


For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 17

I was going to wait to make this post until sometime over the weekend but decided I better post it now before it gets completely out of control. This may be the longest list of videos since I have started making these weekly posts. If not, it’s close. I keep saying I want to make the list shorter, but I just keep coming across more and more great stuff. I guess that’s a good problem to have though right? Let's get right to it. As usual, I did not post any of my own videos but please be sure to [...]


For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 12 (New Year’s Special)

Happy New Year! I was planning on saving this post for the start of next week, but after thinking about it some more, I figured it would make more sense to give you something good to kick off the New Year with a bang. I contemplated combing these weekly videos with the Good Reads to make one humungous weekly post, but in the end, I decided to keep them separate. I think it will be better because this way, it will allow me to put more into finding good stuff and it will give you more opportunity to check it [...]


Good Articles and Videos for the Week: Special Christmas Edition

This will be my last post of the week because I am heading out of town later today and will not have internet access. Since I just recently posted a whole bunch of videos on Friday and a lot of Good Reads on Sunday, I originally figured I would hold off this week because between work and getting ready to leave, I have been really busy, and it is a short week so I was skeptical how much god content I would be pull together anyway. The more I thought about it, however, the more I felt like I wanted [...]


For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 11

Another great week of videos this week. It seems like every week the list just keeps growing. The bigger it is has gotten, the more I worry that I will not be able to find enough material the following week, but it always seems to work out and the quality just keeps getting better and better. We have another long list and I know none of you click on this post to read me babble on so I'll just get right to the good stuff. Getcha popcorn ready!As I started putting the list together, I started noticing that there was [...]


For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 6

Lots of great videos this week, so let’s get right to it. Sit back and getcha popcorn ready!Standing Ab Wheel Rollouts with 80 lb weighted vest. I had done these with bodyweight a little bit but was inspired to try them weighted after watching some videos from Ross Enamait. Big difference. After doing these I understand why the ab wheel is often referred to as the “evil wheel” or the “wheel of death.”I have recorded a bunch of videos this week and have more coming, but I do not want to clog up this post. If you want to see [...]


For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 5

Another great week of videos this week. Every week just keeps getting better and better. I am glad these posts have gone over well because I really enjoy compiling them. Some of the videos give me ideas for new things to try and some just motivate the heck out of me. Enough rambling… sit back and getcha popcorn ready!Jen Comas goes through a bench workout. I love Jen’s videos. She disregards all the dogma we hear about women lifting heavy weights and just gets after it. Being that she’s not only strong but also a complete babe, hopefully more women [...]


For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 4

Lots of great videos this week. It is hard for me to compile this list because the whole time I am putting it together, I have to fight the urge to get up and go train. There is some seriously motivating stuff in here, as well as some great ideas for things I had never thought to try. I did not put any of my own videos in this list since it is already long enough, but if you want to check them out and subscribe to my You Tube channel, you can do so here. Thanks.Without further ado, getcha [...]


For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 3

This was another great week of videos. There is lots of great stuff so sit back and getcha popcorn ready!Joe Hashey- Under the Bar Workout Experience. Here Joe busts out some crazy training right before speaking at an NSCA conference. This is awesome. Talk about practicing what you preach!John Alvino- Trapbar Deadlifts 405x20. High rep deadlifts are brutal. High rep deadlifts with 405 are beyond brutal. This is a combination of enormous strength and tremendous fortitude. When I watch this sort of stuff part of me wants to get right up from my computer and start training.Nick Tumminello- Body Saw [...]


For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 2

This idea to post good videos from the past week from all across the fitness industry seemed to go over well last week, so I will continue on with it. If you have any videos that we want to share with others, or if you come across something awesome, send me the links (either by Facebook or by a comment in my blog) and I will check it out and, assuming I like it, post it up. Also, like I mentioned last week, I realize that "For Your Viewing Pleasure" is a pretty lame name for these weekly posts, so [...]