Dumbbell Floor Press with Glute Bridge

Today I want to share a cool exercise that combines a dumbbell floor press with a glute bridge; it’s called Dumbbell Floor Press with Glute Bridge… Brilliant! Anyway, you can probably deduce what it is from the name, so here’s what it looks like. I like combination exercises for the fact that they kill several birds with one stone, but what I don’t like about combination exercises is that they often require you to use significantly less weight than you’d otherwise be able to if you did the exercises separately. With this exercise though, you can actually use just as [...]


Different version of the 1 leg squat

Today instead of doing full pistol squats I did one leg squats to a bench. I like both variations and think they can both be used effectively, though this variation may be more friendly to some people. These felt great on my knees and my legs got worked very well. After doing full pistol squats the past few weeks it felt a good deal easier only going to parallel. I will most likely include both variations in my training and they could compliment each other well. Today was also really the first time I have ever used chains, but someone [...]


Great workout today with 2 new videos

Today was a great day all around. Hit the gym for a quick workout, drove up to visit my mom, hit some golf balls, saw some friends I haven't seen in awhile, and did it all in the sun (except the gym). The only thing missing was football, but that will be taken care of tonight, so it was about as good as it gets.My workout this morning was really good. Very short, very focused, very fun, and very productive.I started off trying out a new inverted row progression, adding my Fat Gripz to my blast straps. This combo worked [...]


Don’t write off high-rep training completely

High rep training gets a bad name. People seem to think that anything over 20 reps is worthless for gaining size or strength and is nothing more than conditioning work or something women do to get “toned.” I have seen an abstract from a research study floating around the internet that argues that low-load high volume training stimulates protein synthesis to a greater degree than high-load low volume training. I only read the abstract so I do not feel I can really comment of this particular study in any meaningful way, but I was amused by people’s reactions. Without even [...]


Double bodyweight pistol squat

I got a new personal best today with pistol squats, getting double my bodyweight for 2 reps. My weight is 176 lbs and I did 177x2. I used 6 weighted vests for a total of 152 lbs (I used my 65 lb vest and 5 vests that are supposed to be 20 pounds but don't all weight the same so I put them on the scale) and 2 12.5 lb dumbells. It was funny because while it was very hard, it actually felt a little easier to balance than it did last time I did them with 60 less pounds. [...]


Tackling the Weighted Chinup

This article is for those that have become proficient with chinups and pullups and want to progress into heavier weighted pulls.Back in March of 2009 I had a knee surgery that forced me to stop hard lower body training for a little while. I still wanted to train hard, but I was limited in what I could do. This is when I decided to really focus in on pullups. I had always included pullups in my program, but up until that point they had always been more of an afterthought that I would slap on at the end of my [...]


Do your pushups: 5 advanced variations

Most of us will agree that pushups are a fantastic upper body exercise. It works many of the same muscles as the bench press—chest, shoulders, and triceps—but offers benefits the bench press simply cannot. For one, it works on core strength since you have to stabilize your bodyweight. Secondly, being a closed-chain exercise as opposed to the open-chain bench press, it activates the serratus anterior, which is neglected with most pressing exercise. Lastly, it is more shoulder friendly than the bench press. So why don’t we see more guys doing pushups?Simply put, I think most people find them boring. It [...]


Inverted Rows

Inverted rows are an exercise that I did not give much attention to until recently. I figured they were good for beginners that could not do pullups (they are, after all, sometimes called "fat man pullups") but there was not much use for them beyond that. This summer, however, I decided to take a break from all lower back intensive rowing. I had hurt my back in May and just decided I wanted to give it time to heal. That meant no barbell rows, t-bar rows, or dumbbell rows. I am not a big fan of using machines, so this [...]