Exercise(s) of the Week: The Double Down

Since I am going to be out of town for a little while and will not be posting as much over the next week, I thought I would leave you with two exercises of the week today. It’s Christmas, and I’m in the giving mood. Plus, I have a whole bunch of videos that I have yet to upload to You Tube so this gave me a reason to get moving on that. Merry Christmas. 1. The first is Suspended Flies. I picked this mainly because I did it about four days ago and my chest is still so unbelievably [...]


5 Awesome Inverted Row Variations: Part 2

Awhile back I wrote an article showing 5 awesome inverted row variations to take spice up your training. I was curious what kind of reception it would get because I think inverted rows often get poo-pooed by stronger athletes as being too easy. After all, it’s only “bodyweight” right? Well, much to my surprise, I actually received an overwhelmingly positive response, and even as late as yesterday, I was still receiving comments from people who have tried out some of the variations I introduced and love them. That’s great to see. With that in mind, I thought I would up [...]