Research-Backed Tips for Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats

You'll have noticed that I haven’t been blogging much as of late because I’ve been super busy. Despite that, I wanted to write a short blog post today to make a quick announcement. Since Bret Contreras is a good friend of mine, I've just negotiated a special offer on a 1-year subscription to his publication, Strength and Conditioning Research. This is the monthly research round-up that he writes with his colleague, Chris Beardsley. I've been subscribed to it since it was launched and I've found it's a great way to get new ideas for exercises and training methods to try [...]


The Privilege of Movement

Today I have an awesome guest blog post for you from my friend Neghar Fonooni, author of the Lean and Lovely program. Neghar, like me, used to be a complete exercise nut. She still is, and that's a big reason why I like her so much, but she's come a long way in becoming more balanced and making a part of her life without having it overtake her life. This is something I've worked on a lot myself, and it's why I think this post is so great. So with that, I turn it over to Neghar. ***************** The Privilege [...]


Online Training is Available

My last group of online training clients is finishing up so it's time to open it up again. If you’re interested in some online coaching, please send me an e-mail HERE with the subject: “Online Coaching Inquiry.” In the message, please write a paragraph describing your goals and a little bit about yourself. If I think we are a good fit, we can discuss rates and when we’ll get started. Please know that I require at least a three month commitment from you in the beginning because I believe it takes time for a program to work, and in the [...]


4 New Articles and a Video

I haven’t been blogging much as of late because I’ve been super busy with work at the gym, but I wanted to make a quick blog post today sharing some of the recent articles I’ve had published recently in various places so you can check them out. I like to try to post them as they’re published, but I realized that I’m getting way behind! 1. The Toughest Way to Do a Set Here’s an article I had published on T-Nation sharing something I call elevator reps. To find out what they are and see videos of how to do [...]


How to Add Muscle Quickly

I have a guest blog post for you today from Chad Waterbury, the creator of the new HFT2 training program. Like Chad, I’m a big proponent of high frequency training, and I think this post will give you some great insight into how to increase the frequency in a safe and effective manner. Take it away, Chad! We all agree that training a muscle more frequently can make it grow faster. But how do you accomplish that without frying your nervous system or adding hours to your current training plan? In 2001 I started experimenting with ways to train an [...]


High Frequency Training Program

Today my friend Chad Waterbury released a new training called HFT2. HFT is short for high frequency training, which is a concept I use heavily in my own training and with my clients. You’re getting the finished product of the program, but I’ve spoken to Chad on a near weekly basis for the past four months about this program and have seen it come to fruition, and I think it’s a very good program. I actually gave him a testimonial, and I don’t do that often unless I really believe in the program. Chad also includes a bunch of really [...]


Training Update and Two More Challenges

A few weeks ago I made a blog post called Two Single Leg Challenges that shared…wait for it…two single leg challenges. I’ve had quite a few people write in to me that they tried the challenges and enjoyed them, so I thought I’d share a few other single leg challenges that I’ve been using. See, I’ve been dealing with some shoulder issues the past month and haven’t been able to do much upper body training at all. For me though, training is like a therapy and I feel much better about life when I get a workout in for the [...]


Assisted Jump Variations

When I was training mostly athletes, and good athletes at that, I used to think of squat jumps and rear foot elevated squat jumps as pretty basic exercises and assumed that with a little practice most people could do them pretty well. Just about every athlete I worked with could do squat jumps and make them look pretty athletic, and I can’t recall even having any of my athletes complain of pain when doing them. In fact, it was usually my regression for people that couldn’t Olympic lift for whatever reason. Here is an example of one of the kids [...]


Two Single Leg Challenges

Today I want to share two different Bulgarian split squat workouts that I’ve been using. I’ve been taking a break from doing super heavy Bulgarian split squats and instead have been doing different things to get a good training effect with lighter loads. Both are good when you’re short on time or when you’re feeling a little beat up but still want to get a good leg workout. 1. 100 Rep Bulgarian Split Squat Challenge This one is very simple but very difficult. Like the name suggests, you do 100 Bulgarian split squats—50 per leg. The goal is to get [...]


Landmine Single Leg RDL/Reverse Lunge Combo

I want to share a cool landmine exercise variation that I’ve been using more recently with some of my clients that I think you’ll like. It’s a single leg RDL/reverse lunge combo. Do one single leg RDL, then one reverse, then another single leg RDL, then another reverse, yada yada yada for however many reps you’re trying to do. Like this: This isn’t my idea. I first tried out this exercise combo after my friend Eric Cressey shared it three years ago in this article when he showed it using dumbbells. I liked it then, but in the past few [...]