Cool Batwing Row Variation

I’ve long been a fan of Dan John’s batwing row idea, which is essentially a chest supported row iso hold. I’ve also applied that same concept to inverted rows (see here), and now I want to share something I’ve been doing recently with unsupported one-arm dumbbell rows that I really, really like. Doing an iso hold with unsupported dumbbell rows changes it from more of an upper back exercise to a really tough full body challenge. Get in a split stance with a stable base and hinge forward at the hips until just before the point where your stomach rests [...]


3 Awesome Dumbbell Floor Press Variations

I tweaked my shoulder about four months ago, and while it’s gotten much better, most pressing exercises still really aggravate it. Rather than try to push through the pain, I’m eliminating any exercises that exacerbate the pain and instead sticking to things I can do pain-free, which at this point is basically just dumbbell floor presses and pushups. So needless to say, I’ve been doing a boatload of dumbbell floor presses over the past several months. I’ve stuck to regular dumbbell floor presses and single arm dumbbell floor presses for the most part, but I’ve also toyed around with a [...]


Your Training Questions Answered

My good friend Sean Hyson just released a new ebook called The Truth About Strength Training which also includes a great 12-week program. The book/program is over a year in the making, and I’ve talked to Sean about it every step of the way. I really like the setup of the book, and I like the training program as well. I’m not an affiliate for the product so I have nothing personal to gain by recommending it, but I’ve made a point of highlighting good information on my blog and Sean’s new ebook certainly fits that bill. I highly recommend [...]