4 New Articles and a Video

I haven’t been blogging much as of late because I’ve been super busy with work at the gym, but I wanted to make a quick blog post today sharing some of the recent articles I’ve had published recently in various places so you can check them out. I like to try to post them as they’re published, but I realized that I’m getting way behind!

1. The Toughest Way to Do a Set

Here’s an article I had published on T-Nation sharing something I call elevator reps. To find out what they are and see videos of how to do them, check out the article HERE.

2. You’ve Probably Never Used a Barbell Like THIS

I was recently interviews by Women’s Health magazine about how to use the landmine for reverse lunges and single leg RDLs. I’m a huge fan of these two exercises and use them a lot with my clients so it’s cool to see them gaining some traction in the mainstream since I first introduced them a couple years ago. To read the article and see how to do those two exercises, go HERE.

3. How to Do a Pull-up (Or Add More Reps)

I was also interviewed by Daily Burn as to how to improve your pull-ups. Check out that article HERE.

4. Break the Rules, Build More Muscle

I recently had an article in the July issue of Men’s Fitness magazine sharing some different ways to use the equipment in your gym to expand your exercise arsenal. For those of you who train in commercial gyms (or trainers who train clients in commercial gyms), I think this could be very useful. You can see the print article in the July magazine, but you can also see the online version HERE.

5. I’ve been dealing with a shoulder injury for the past eight weeks that has kept me from doing any real upper body training. As such, I’ve devoted my energy to rehabbing my shoulder and focusing my hard training on my legs. Injuries suck but the key is to stay positive and focus on what you CAN do rather than what you CAN’T do.

I’m frustrated by the injury, but I’m still doing the best I can and recently hit a new personal best on Bulgarian split squats of 300×10.

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That’s all for today. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!