The Privilege of Movement

Today I have an awesome guest blog post for you from my friend Neghar Fonooni, author of the Lean and Lovely program. Neghar, like me, used to be a complete exercise nut. She still is, and that's a big reason why I like her so much, but she's come a long way in becoming more balanced and making a part of her life without having it overtake her life. This is something I've worked on a lot myself, and it's why I think this post is so great. So with that, I turn it over to Neghar. ***************** The Privilege [...]


Online Training is Available

My last group of online training clients is finishing up so it's time to open it up again. If you’re interested in some online coaching, please send me an e-mail HERE with the subject: “Online Coaching Inquiry.” In the message, please write a paragraph describing your goals and a little bit about yourself. If I think we are a good fit, we can discuss rates and when we’ll get started. Please know that I require at least a three month commitment from you in the beginning because I believe it takes time for a program to work, and in the [...]


4 New Articles and a Video

I haven’t been blogging much as of late because I’ve been super busy with work at the gym, but I wanted to make a quick blog post today sharing some of the recent articles I’ve had published recently in various places so you can check them out. I like to try to post them as they’re published, but I realized that I’m getting way behind! 1. The Toughest Way to Do a Set Here’s an article I had published on T-Nation sharing something I call elevator reps. To find out what they are and see videos of how to do [...]