Two Single Leg Challenges

Today I want to share two different Bulgarian split squat workouts that I’ve been using. I’ve been taking a break from doing super heavy Bulgarian split squats and instead have been doing different things to get a good training effect with lighter loads.

Both are good when you’re short on time or when you’re feeling a little beat up but still want to get a good leg workout.

1. 100 Rep Bulgarian Split Squat Challenge

This one is very simple but very difficult. Like the name suggests, you do 100 Bulgarian split squats—50 per leg. The goal is to get to where you can do all 50 reps on each leg in continuous fashion without having to take your back foot off the bench and/or take excessive breaks without taking too much time between legs.

A lot of times when people do challenges like this, form goes out the window and it just becomes a race against the clock. Don’t do that. Good form still matters. Use a full range of motion and keep the reps controlled.

After testing this challenge a bunch of times, I’ve figured out that if you do all 100 reps in continuous fashion and take about 10 seconds between legs, it comes out to just under three minutes, so from that, I’ve set the goal of being about to complete the challenge in under three minutes. If you finish much under that, I’d question your form.

At first, 100 reps may be too much, so modify the challenge to meet your current level and build up to 100 reps over time. Once you can complete 100 reps unbroken, try adding a little weight.

Here is a video of me completing the challenge with a 30 pound weighted vest.

I’ve been using this challenge as a finisher on lower body days or on upper body days when I’m looking to get a little extra work for my legs.

If you jump right into 100 reps without building up it’ll make you sore, but if you build up appropriately it really won’t, though it’ll certainly burn like crazy while you’re doing it. It’s a great challenge to test both your body and your mind.

2. 10 Minute Bulgarian Split Squat Challenge

Here you do 10 reps on the minute for 10 minutes, alternating between legs from set to set. So it ends up being five sets of 10 on each leg. It comes about to about 20-25 seconds on and 35-40 seconds off.

It might not seem that hard on paper, but trust me, it’s a real toughie. At the end of 10 minutes my t-shirt always looks like a jumped in the shower fully clothed.

As a point of reference, right now I can do about 250 pounds for 10 reps for one set when I’m fresh, but my best weight for this challenge is 150 pounds. My goal is to complete it with my bodyweight (185 pounds). When I do this challenge, it’s usually my entire leg workout for the day, as I’m spent afterwards. This makes it great one when you’re short on time.

Again, form matters, so don’t get sloppy.

If you’re loading the exercise beyond your own bodyweight, hold dumbbells at your sides and put the dumbbells down between sets to give your grip a break.

Give these challenges a try and let me know what you think. Have fun!