Landmine Single Leg RDL/Reverse Lunge Combo

I want to share a cool landmine exercise variation that I’ve been using more recently with some of my clients that I think you’ll like.

It’s a single leg RDL/reverse lunge combo. Do one single leg RDL, then one reverse, then another single leg RDL, then another reverse, yada yada yada for however many reps you’re trying to do. Like this:

This isn’t my idea. I first tried out this exercise combo after my friend Eric Cressey shared it three years ago in this article when he showed it using dumbbells. I liked it then, but in the past few years I’ve grown partial to using the landmine for single leg RDLs and it’s become my favorite way to perform the exercise. And I like it a lot for reverse lunges too, especially when you’re looking to target the glutes a little more.

This is a great combo with the landmine because most people will use just about the same weight for landmine single leg RDLs and landmine reverse lunges, so one exercise doesn’t really suffer for the sake of the other.

You won’t need a ton of weight to make this really challenging, and some of my clients use just the empty bar. Once you get the hang of it though, don’t be afraid to load it up a little bit. I’ve been using about 75 pounds on the bar and it’s downright brutal.

This combo will smoke your glutes and hamstrings, especially when you focus on taking a nice big step back on the reverse lunge, which is how I generally coach it.

Give it a shot, and remember to subscribe to my You Tube page for more exercise demos.