Landmine Single Leg RDL/Reverse Lunge Combo

I want to share a cool landmine exercise variation that I’ve been using more recently with some of my clients that I think you’ll like. It’s a single leg RDL/reverse lunge combo. Do one single leg RDL, then one reverse, then another single leg RDL, then another reverse, yada yada yada for however many reps you’re trying to do. Like this: This isn’t my idea. I first tried out this exercise combo after my friend Eric Cressey shared it three years ago in this article when he showed it using dumbbells. I liked it then, but in the past few [...]


Dips: The Upper Body Squat

I just had a new article on T-Nation called Dips: The Upper Body Squat. I compare dips to squats and share a few ways to make them safer and more effective. You can read the article HERE.  


2 Landmine Single Leg RDL/ Row Combos

Today’s blog post is going to be short but I want to share two cool exercises with you that I think you might really like. Both combine the landmine single leg RDL, my favorite version of the single leg RDL which I first introduced HERE about two years ago, and the landmine row. 1. Single Leg Landmine Rows Stand perpendicular the landmine with the bar in your inside hand. Whichever hand is the bar is in, extend that leg back as you do a single leg RDL, so the outside leg is the working leg. Hold the bottom position of [...]


Great Training Resource

I don’t have time to put together my weekly Good Reads anymore, but I still try to make it a point to share good training information when it becomes available. With that in mind, my good friends Eric Cressey and Mike Reinold just released a great new product called Function Stability Training for the Upper Body. From the name, you can probably guess what it’s about. Both Eric and Mike are two guys that I have a ton of respect for and try to learn from. That’s not just hollow words either. A few years ago when I tweaked my [...]


2 Great Combo Exercises

Today’s post is going to be short because I’m on my way to work, but I want to share two cool exercises with you that I’ve been using recently that I think you might really like. They both combine two of my favorite exercises—the rear foot elevated split squat and the landmine press—so it makes sense I’d like them. Also as per usual with me, I have terribly boring names for both of them, and I’m open to suggestions. 1. Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat Iso Hold/ Landmine Press Combo Set up a bench perpendicular to the landmine and get [...]