Great Training Resource

Mike Boyle released Functional Strength Coach 5 today, a series of six DVDs totaling about eight hours of content where he breaks down the entire training and business systems that he uses at MBSC (Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning), my previous place of employment.

Mike has been a huge mentor to me as a strength coach and trainer and his coaching track record is second to none, having worked with everyone from middle school students to pro athletes from basically every sport imaginable.

Having worked at MBSC for more than three years prior to coming out to California, I’ve personally experienced the programs and systems that Mike discusses in the DVDs. I’ve also seen how the program has evolved, as Mike is always learning and trying to upon the improve program as much as possible. The new DVDs share the most up-to-date info.

In typical Mike fashion, he holds nothing back in the DVDs and shares exactly how he and the staff do things at MBSC. If you’re interested in knowing the program and how it all works, I’d definitely check out Functional Strength Coach 5.

If you buy today Mike is also going to pick two people at random at the end of the day to come to his Mentorship at the gym, which is essentially a four-day study abroad program where you come to MBSC and immerse yourself in all things gym-related. So there’s incentive to buy quickly.

You can read more and see if it’s something you want HERE.