4 Squat Challenges to Try

I’m on a little bit of a writing roll this week and had a new article published on T-Nation called 4 Squat Challenges You Must Conquer. It’s actually front squat challenges just FYI, but I think you’ll like it. You can read it HERE. Just a warning: these challenges aren’t for the faint of heart. Also, just FYI, today is the last day to pick up Mike Boyle’s Functional Strength Coach 5 on sale before the price goes up. Mike also just announced that he’ll be doing a live Q+A webinar for anyone who buys the DVD series this week [...]


Choose Strength

I had a new article published on Arnold’s site (for those of you living under a rock, that’s Arnold Schwarzenegger) on Tuesday called “Choose Strength.” Like most male lifters, I’ve always considered Arnold to be an icon and his Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding was one first weightlifting books I ever had, so to be published on his site feels really cool. I’ve received a bunch of great feedback on the article so far, so hope you like it. You can read the article HERE. P.S. Don’t forget to check out Mike Boyle’s new Functional Strength Coach 5, which is on [...]


Great Training Resource

Mike Boyle released Functional Strength Coach 5 today, a series of six DVDs totaling about eight hours of content where he breaks down the entire training and business systems that he uses at MBSC (Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning), my previous place of employment. Mike has been a huge mentor to me as a strength coach and trainer and his coaching track record is second to none, having worked with everyone from middle school students to pro athletes from basically every sport imaginable. Having worked at MBSC for more than three years prior to coming out to California, I’ve personally [...]


Mechanical Drop Sets

I just had an article published on T-Nation today sharing a bunch of different ways to perform mechanical drop sets for both upper and lower body. These methods aren't for the faint of heart, but for those of you that enjoy a good challenge, I think you'll really like this stuff. You can read the article here: Masochistic Mechanical Drop Sets I'd love to hear your feedback, either below or in the comments on the article itself. P.S. Remember to check out Bret Contreras' new 2x4 Strength Program soon before the price nearly doubles. It's been getting great reviews so [...]


8 Moves for a Crazy Strong Core

Hey there. Last week I had a new article published on Bodybuilding.com called 8 Moves for a Crazy Strong Core, but I just realized that I never shared it. If a tree falls in the woods and nobody hears it, does it make a noise? Deep thoughts for you this Tuesday morning. Truth be told, I actually didn't even know it was published until my friend Tony Gentilcore shared it on his blog, which was a nice surprise. Anyway, as you can probably guess from the title, the article shares some challenging core exercises for you to try. I think [...]


Strength Defined

Today I have a guest blog post from Bret Contreras, the brains behind the awesome new training program called 2x4. As someone who trains hard and strives to get stronger but isn't involved in powerlifting, I really like how Bret appreciates strength in different forms. I think/hope you'll like it, too. With that, I'll turn it over to Bret. ******************* Confession time. I love my squats, bench press, and deadlifts. Having competed in two powerlifting competitions, I can say with confidence that there are few things as exhilarating for a lifter as setting a PR on the platform. That said, [...]


Online Training Slots Available

Hey all! Just wanted to let people know that I'm opening three online training spots. I'm limiting my online training to three clients at a time right now to ensure that they get my full attention, and my clients that started in January are finishing up so I have some new openings. If you’re interested in some online coaching, please send me an e-mail HERE with the subject: “Online Coaching Inquiry.” In the message, please write a paragraph describing your goals and a little bit about yourself. If I think we are a good fit, we can discuss rates and [...]