Great Alternative to Traditional Cardio

I mentioned last week in a blog post that my friend Jen Sinkler is releasing a really cool product called Lift Weights Faster.

Well, she released it today, so it’s now available for purchase.

I’ve looked over the entire product and even contributed a few workouts, and I really, really like it. As the name suggests, the product is a database of cardio-type fat-loss workouts, only rather than do traditional gerbil cardio, you’re using weights…faster.

For people like me that abhor regular cardio, this is a very cool idea and makes the thought of going to the gym a lot more fun.

Jen has compiled a database of well over 100 different workouts. She created a bunch of them on her own and then also asked a lot of different coaches to share their own workouts (like I mentioned, I actually contributed two workouts myself). This gives the product a cool flavor because you have information coming from a wide variety of coaching backgrounds, meaning there’s literally something (or many things, really) for everyone. It’s also equally valuable for guys and gals, as well as trainers and fitness enthusiasts alike. I look forward to trying some of the workouts myself and with my clients.

What’s more, what I actually like most about what Jen did is that she shows how to modify the workouts to your current level and goals. A lot of circuit-style programs try to give one workout for everyone, and as a trainer, that gets me annoyed because I think it’s neither optimal nor safe. Jen does a great job of providing workouts for all levels and shows you how to adjust everything to fit where you’re currently at. Big kudos to her for that.

So if you’re the type that likes a good challenge or is short on time and can’t do marathon workouts, this is a great, safe option for you. You could use these workouts to form a good program if that’s how you enjoy training and see great results, or you could do what I like to do, which is use these type of workouts to augment my heavier weight training workouts. All depends on your goals and how you prefer to train.

In any case, rather than read me ramble and rehash the whole program, I suggest you go to Jen’s product page where she describes the program much better than I could. I’m selective in what I promote, but I definitely recommend you check it out. It’s on sale this week for the launch, so get it while the gettin’s good. There’s some cool perks/bonuses that come with it, too.

You can read more about HERE.