Really Good Training Program

Last week I posted a free video from Eric Cressey talking about shoulder training and mentioned that I’d be posting a few more videos over the course of the week. I also mentioned that those videos were a lead-up to the release of a new program this week.

Well, I got busy at work and totally dropped the ball posting those other two videos, but the good news is that Eric’s program, The High Performance Handbook, is now available.

I’ve looked it over, and it’s a really great program.

I get asked a lot what programs I recommend, and when I’m going to write my own e-book/program. I’m not sure when I’ll write my own, but in the meantime, I’ve always recommended Eric’s previous program, Show and Go, as my first recommendation. That’s a great program, and Eric is one the guys that I hold in the highest regard in the entire strength and conditioning field. And I don’t say that lightly.

The High Performance Handbook definitely 1-ups Show and Go and is now the program that I recommend you get if you’re looking for a training program and can’t afford to see a trainer in person. And truth be told, you’re probably better off following this program on your own than you are visiting most trainers.

There are two things that I think separate it from other programs. First, it’s highly customizable, so you can tailor it to your specific needs and goals. Second, the video database is second to none. Most exercises databases just share clips of a few reps, but here Eric actually gives tutorials so you can learn how to do the exercise. That’s pretty sweet.

I don’t like sales pitches and I’m the world’s second worst salesman second only to the sleazy dude that sold me my Mazda, but if you’re looking for a great training program that you can cater to your personal needs, this would be my recommendation.

The sales page goes into much more detail, so if you’re interested, go HERE.

It’s on a huge sale this week so I’d act fast if it’s something you like. If you read this by Tuesday, there’s a bunch of cool potential prizes you can win if you buy by the end of Tuesday, including a trip to Cressey Performance. As someone who’s lifted there a bunch, I’ll tell that’s pretty darn cool in its own right.

Again, you can check it out HERE.