Good (Free) Video

Hey all. I apologize for being a blogging bum as of late, but between moving across the country and starting a new job, it’s been busy to say the least. Things are going well, and I hope to resume the blog soon, but I just haven’t been able to swing it as of late.

I’ve made it a point on my blog though not just to share my own stuff, but to share good stuff from other good coaches and trainers as well.

With that in mind, next week my friend Eric Cressey is releasing a new program, and as a way to hype it up, he’s releasing a series of free videos this week.

I looked over the program and I really like it, and I also just watched the first video, which is also really good.

I can’t share the program yet because it isn’t being released until next week, but I wanted to share the first of a series of videos that I think you’ll like. Plus, it’s free.

Eric is widely known for being wicked smaht about shoulder stuff, so it makes sense that the first video would be about, well, shoulder stuff. It goes into how to fix your shoulders and how to modify your training if your shoulders aren’t quite up to snuff—yet anyways.

You can watch the free video HERE.

I’ll try to post the other free videos later in the week.