4 “Fun” Workout Challenges

I had a new article published on T-Nation yesterday sharing four great workout challenges. These are all things I do myself and my clients in some form. Any good program is centered on the basics, but sometimes it’s fun to ditch the script for a day and do a fun challenge. Trouble is, too often these challenges you see are dangerous and random, so they’re not smart. These challenges in my article may not look like a lot on paper, but they’re very challenging while also being safe. They work well as a finisher after you’ve done your heavy lifting [...]


Really Good Training Program

Last week I posted a free video from Eric Cressey talking about shoulder training and mentioned that I’d be posting a few more videos over the course of the week. I also mentioned that those videos were a lead-up to the release of a new program this week. Well, I got busy at work and totally dropped the ball posting those other two videos, but the good news is that Eric’s program, The High Performance Handbook, is now available. I’ve looked it over, and it’s a really great program. I get asked a lot what programs I recommend, and when [...]


Good (Free) Video

Hey all. I apologize for being a blogging bum as of late, but between moving across the country and starting a new job, it’s been busy to say the least. Things are going well, and I hope to resume the blog soon, but I just haven’t been able to swing it as of late. I’ve made it a point on my blog though not just to share my own stuff, but to share good stuff from other good coaches and trainers as well. With that in mind, next week my friend Eric Cressey is releasing a new program, and as [...]


User-Friendly Squats

I had a new article published on T-Nation yesterday sharing tips to make squats more user-friendly. As great of an exercise as squats may be, they’re not very user-friendly. For an exercise to be considered user-friendly in my book, it has to meet three criteria: 1. You have to be able to do it well. Most people suck at squatting. If you’re looking for evidence to back up this claim, just walk into just about any gym around and watch people squat. It’s ugly. 2. Your joints have to be able to tolerate it. If you have any knee or [...]