Three Good Videos–Free!

Today I want to share a really cool video series from Martin Rooney that’s being offered for the great price of free. I’ve made it a point to share loads of free info here on my blog, so I definitely wanted to bring this your attention.

Martin is a guy I really respect, and I really like the work he puts out. If you’ve read my blog with any regularity then you know I’m often linking to his articles, and I’ve learned some really helpful and fun stuff from him.

He travels all over the world doing certification courses to teach his methods, but he’s recently put a lot of time into making online content so you can have access to it even if you can’t travel or they don’t have a live course in your area.

The free videos give a little taste of what the course is all about, and I think you’ll really dig em’.

There’s three videos in all. I personally like the second and third videos best, but it helps to watch the first too to set the stage.

In all the videos run about 30 minutes, and it’s well worth the time. I actually didn’t watch the videos but rather listened to them on my phone while I was driving. So you can do that too if you don’t have time to sit down and watch them. Martin’s a great speaker, so they’re easy to follow, and very clear.

Being free, there’s really no reason not to check em’ out. You can get access to the videos HERE. Today is the last day to sign up for the videos, so act fast.

Martin is also going to be doing a live Q+A on Friday for everyone that signs up to watch the videos, so that’s pretty sweet too.

Again, you can get em’ HERE.