Moving Time: Goodbye and Hello!

As I post this blog. I’m on the train down to New York City to go to a wedding for two of my best friends on Sunday. From there, I leave bright and early on Monday morning and fly from NYC to Los Angeles, where I’ll be starting my new job at Rise Movement on Tuesday. This morning I put my car on a truck to be shipped to LA, so assuming it doesn’t fall off the back of the bed, I’ll have that by the end of next week. Judging from the looks of things though, that’s a big [...]


The Countdown Method

I had a new article published on T-Nation yesterday about something that I call The Countdown Method. I’ve been using countdowns for about the past six months and have been the tweaking and experimenting with the logistics of them, and I think this article will be useful for you to show how to employ them in your own training or with your clients if you’re a trainer. I’m really enjoying them, and I think/hope so you will too. They’re a great plateau buster in addition to being just plain fun. Or at least I think they’re fun anyway, though I [...]


Single Leg Hip Thrusts Made EZ-er

I really like single leg hip thrusts, but once your progress past bodyweight and need to add weight, they can be tricky to load. My favorite method of loading initially is via draping chains or a weighted vest(or both) over your hips. Like this: But if you don’t have either those, that’s obviously not an option. Also, some people don’t like using chains, either because they feel they’re uncomfortable (I don’t find them uncomfortable at all personally) or because they think they’re dirty and gross. So if that’s out, another thing you can do is put a dumbbell on the [...]


Great Educational Resource

Yesterday I shared three videos from Martin Rooney that served as a lead up to his new online certification course. Today marks the first day to sign up for the course, so if you liked what you saw in the videos, it’s definitely something to consider signing up for. If you missed the videos yesterday, you can still see everything that’s covered in the course on the sales page. Teaser: It covers A LOT of stuff. Like, a lot. It’s 12 modules in all, and each module is very extensive on its own. It’s technically a “certification,” but I’d consider [...]


Three Good Videos–Free!

Today I want to share a really cool video series from Martin Rooney that’s being offered for the great price of free. I’ve made it a point to share loads of free info here on my blog, so I definitely wanted to bring this your attention. Martin is a guy I really respect, and I really like the work he puts out. If you’ve read my blog with any regularity then you know I’m often linking to his articles, and I’ve learned some really helpful and fun stuff from him. He travels all over the world doing certification courses to teach [...]


Single Leg Training Case Studies

I’d like to share a new article that I had go up on T-Nation today sharing some single leg training case studies. This is not meant to be just a single leg vs. bilateral debate, so please read past the title and read the entire article because I think it’s interesting stuff, and I actually think it’s some of my better work. It shares case studies from different athletes comparing their numbers on various lifts. I much prefer sharing real-world experiences to theoretical debates. Here is an excerpt from the article: "For the record, I'm pro-unilateral training, and I'm also [...]


Big News: I’m Moving to California!

I’ve got some big news! I’m excited to announce that I’m moving to West Hollywood, California to take a new job working as part of the team at Rise Movement, an awesome training studio in Los Angeles. I’m very thankful for the opportunity and think it’s going to be great. The gym is top-notch and the people are really nice, so I can’t wait to get started. I’m flying out tomorrow to find an apartment and will be out there for a week; then I’ll be coming back to Boston for a week before heading out to Cali for good [...]


Great Lateral Lunge Variation

I like the idea of lateral lunges as a way of training outside of the sagittal plane, but I’ve never really been a big fan of loading them, mostly because I’ve just never liked most traditional loading methods via dumbbells or barbells. Here’s a lateral lunge variation that I’ve been using for the past couple months that I really like using the landmine and Valslides. Rather than confuse you with a written description, I’ll just show you what it looks like. Using the landmine gives you the benefits of offset loading with far greater loading potential than you have holding [...]


Single Leg Plank Walks

Today I want to share an exercise with you that I’ve been doing more and more the last six months: Single Leg Plank Walks. Get in pushup position with one foot on a Valslide and the other hovering just off the floor. From there, walk forward with your hands, keeping your arms as straight as possible and trying keep your hips as steady as possible. Like this. The less you swivel your hips, the better. About two and a half years ago I showed a cool plank walk progression involving the sled (see here), but this is a way to progress [...]


Good Deadlift Tips

Today Dave Dellanave released a new e-book, aptly titled Off the Floor: A Manual for Deadlift Domination. You know that I love me some deadlifts, so I was excited to check this out. I know Dave personally, and he’s a really smart guy, and a super strong deadlifter to boot. I read it over the weekend and think it’s very good and very detailed, and I think if you’re a fellow deadlift fiend like I am, you’ll like it too and you’ll likely pick up some good tips to improve your pull. If that’s something that interests you, you can [...]