Seriously Impressive Thrusting Display

Yesterday my awesome client Maureen hip thrusted 365 pounds for five reps. I thought it was going to be a serious struggle, but she made it look so freakin’ easy it wasn’t even funny. I was shocked and had her do it again, and she crushed it the second set too.

Check it out. Watch the video all the way through because her comments after each set are both super cute and hilarious.

Maureen has been training with me for quite a while and is a super hard worker, which you can probably deduce by the fact that she’s strong as hell. We started out very light and have gradually increased the weight week by week: five pounds here, 10 pounds there. Over time when you work hard and are consistent, it really adds up, and the results are extremely impressive. Extremely impressive.

Also pay attention to the setup for the hip thrusts in the rack. Doing them in this fashion has been very useful as she starts to handle heavier weights, as it makes it much easier to get into position and get the bar started on the first rep while still allowing for a full range of motion. As a point of reference, without setting up in the rack and elevating the bar a few inches off the floor, she can handle 315 pounds—which is still extremely impressive but shows how helpful the rack setup can be. If you struggle with the setup on regular hip thrusts, this is definitely something to try.

Time to step your glute game up.

Go Maureen!

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