Seriously Impressive Thrusting Display

Yesterday my awesome client Maureen hip thrusted 365 pounds for five reps. I thought it was going to be a serious struggle, but she made it look so freakin’ easy it wasn’t even funny. I was shocked and had her do it again, and she crushed it the second set too. Check it out. Watch the video all the way through because her comments after each set are both super cute and hilarious. Maureen has been training with me for quite a while and is a super hard worker, which you can probably deduce by the fact that she’s strong [...]


Fun Workout Challenge

A lot of people—myself included—like to hear ideas for different workouts to try. Here’s a fun challenge involving chin-ups and pushups that I’ve been doing for a few weeks on the last workout of the week. I’ve been doing ring chins, but you can just as easily use a bar too with whatever grip you like best. The following is all done in succession with no rest between exercises. 10 Chins 20 Pushups 8 Chins 16 Pushups 6 Chins 12 Pushups 4 Chins 8 Pushups 2 Chins 4 Pushups In total it comes out to 30 chin-ups and 60 pushups. [...]


Hamstring Hell: Sliding Leg Curls

I had a new article published today on T-Nation called Hamstring Hell: Sliding Leg Curls. If you couldn't guess, it's about sliding leg curls and ways to progress them to challenge even the strongest of you. These make for some great ways to torch your hamstrings, so if that's something that interests you (and it should), I think you'll dig it. You can read the article HERE.


Knee-Friendly Quad Finishers

I had a new article published on T-Nation today sharing six knee-friendly ways to blast your quads that can be done either as finishers after your heavier work or as knee-friendly replacements for those of you with knee issues. To read the article, click HERE. Let me know what you think. Hope you like it!  


Impressive Display of Single Leg Strength

Today’s post is going to be short, but I just wanted to share some very impressive displays of single leg strength from my friend Kevin Anderson. Last week he did rear foot elevated split squats with 315 pounds for 5 reps each leg with the bar on his back, making it look easy. This week he did 315 pounds again for 5 reps per leg using the Dead-Squat bar. This time he made it look so easy that he did both legs back-to-back without evening putting the bar down. At least make it look hard Kevin so we all don’t [...]