Good Reads (and Videos) For the Week: 7/14/2013

I just looked at the calendar and noticed that July is half over already. Does anyone else feel like the summer just started?

I guess time flies when you’re having fun. Or when you’re working all the time…

I’ve put together another great list of articles for you to peruse, but first, a few things.

I’m still getting a lot of Facebook friend requests on my personal Facebook page, but that page is maxed out, so if I haven’t accepted your request, it’s not because I’m being a dick. I’m trying to transition my fitness stuff to my Facebook fitness page, so please connect with me there. Thanks.

I also wrote two blog posts this week, so if you haven’t checked those out, you can do so here.

Skater Squats with a Twist

Understanding Training Bias

Now here are some cool videos from the week.

Brutal Landmine Complex performed by my buddy Kevin Anderson. Dude’s a beast, so he makes it look easy, but this is rough.

Patrick Chung of the Philadelphia Eagles does some Sliding Reverse Lunges with the landmine and the Dead Squat bar.

Tabata Trap Bar Deadlifts. These sucked, in a good way 🙂

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Now for the rest of the list. Enjoy!

Success=Strength by Tony Gentilcore

How to Get in Great Shape, Even After an Injury by John Berardi

Fish Oil Causes Prostate Cancer? by Chris Mohr

Can You Learn About Fitness from Unrequited Love? by Joy Victoria

The Perfect Time by Krista Scott-Dixon

Conditioning thoughts from Jason Ferruggia

Why Do I Anterior Pelvic Tilt? by Bret Contreras

Isos and High Tension Lifting by Todd Bumgardner

How Does Usain Bolt Train? by Bret Conteras

The “All I Need Is One Dumbbell” Workout by Mike Boyle

I’m Done With Back Squats by John Romaniello

How to Dress Better by Nate Green

Cranky Elbows and Triceps Recovery by Miguel Aragoncillo

6 Powerful Prowler Exercises by Dan Trink

Build Explosive Speed by Josh Bryant

7 Advanced Exercise Modifications by Jean Paul Catanzaro

The Get Swole Upper Body Workout by Mike Robertson

Strength: You’re Doing It Wrong by Stevo Reed

Developing Explosive Power by Kevin Neeld

The Day I Got My Ass Kicked by Sean Hyson

Extreme Leanness: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly by Molly Galbraith

The Earth is Our Gym by Ross Enamait

Strength Coach Podcast with Al Vermeil

Off Bench Oblique Hold by Tony Gentilcore

Slideboard Bodysaw Pushup by Eric Cressey

What’s the Deal With the Paleo Diet? by Chris and Kara Mohr

Kentucky Strong: Get Back to the Basics by Chase Karnes

Don’t Forget the Dumbbell Pullover by Cory Gregory

Regress for Progress by Sohee Lee

Interview with Karl Safran

How Much Is Too Much? by John Grace

It’s Hard to Be You Sometimes, But It Doesn’t Have to Be by Emily Giza Socolinsky

A Stronger Body is a Healthier Body by Emily Giza Socolinsky

3 Exercises You Probably Haven’t Tried by Jon Erik Kawamoto

Coaching the Single Leg Deadlift by Ben Lee

Making Strong Connections With Your Will by Jackson Yee

Massage Principles by Patrick Ward

That’s all for this time. Have a great week, and before you dip out, let’s connect on Twitter.