Good Reads (and Videos) for the Week: 7/5/2013

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve put a Good Reads compilation together, or even blogged for that matter.

The summer is my busiest time of year, so I probably won’t be blogging nearly as often as normal, but I’ll still do my best.

I hope everyone had a nice 4th of July. I did, except I ended up with a massive sunburn on my chest and stomach. Doh!

Anywho, here’s an article that I had published on T-Nation earlier this week.

7 Brutal New Upper Body Exercises
And since I’ve stopped doing the weekly video compilations, I thought I’d share a few good ones from the past couple weeks.

Eirinn Dougherty crushes a brutal barbell complex. 5 hang cleans, 10 reverse lunges (5 each leg), 10 push presses, 10 squats, 10 high pulls, and 10 RDLs all in succession without putting the barbell down. Seriously impressive stuff! I tried this same complex and it buried me.

Patrick Chung of the Philadelphia Eagles crushes single leg squats with 100 pounds of external load.

Anderson Chain Front Squats. Perhaps against my better judgment, I decided to try these after not front squatting in about two years. I did these the day after doing 12 sets of deadlifts so I was already pretty sore, but I ended up hitting a single with 185 of bar weight and 225 pounds of chains.

1.5 Trap Bar Deadlifts (aka. Quad Killers).

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Now for the best articles of the past few weeks. Enjoy!

Training for Maximum Muscle Growth Explained by Bret Contreras

Understanding the Bilateral Deficit by Kevin Neeld

The Importance of Maximal Tension by Jason Ferruggia

10 Ways to Get More Out of Your Lifts by Sean Hyson

How to Dress Better by Nate Green

How Do Strength, Power, and Hypertrophy Workouts Differ? by Chris Beardsley

6 Ways to Get Athletes to “Buy In” by Eric Cressey

Elite Wisdom by Dave Tate

The Truth About Overhead Pressing by Tony Gentilcore

The Keys to Stronger Deadlifts by Bret Contreras

You Need Long Duration, Low Intensity Cardio by Mike Robertson

Is Being Really Lean Really Worth It? by Molly Galbraith

Pre or Post Workout Cardio? by Tony Gentilcore

4 Reasons You Might Not Need to Deload by Eric Cressey

5 Problems with Rapid Fat Loss, and What You Should Do Instead by Nia Shanks

Which Type of Squat Maximizes Glute Activation? by Bret Contreras

Fitcast Interview with Joe Sansalone

Incorporating Breathing and Posture Into Real World Training by Steve Long

I’m Done with Back Squats by John Romaniello

Groin Injuries in Hockey Players by Peter Nelson

Two Things to Improve Your Health Instantly by Tony Gentilcore

35 Greatest Men’s Health Tips by Chris and Kara Mohr

Weight Belts: To Wear or Not to Wear? by Bret Contreras

So Your Shoulder Hurts… by Tony Gentilcore

A Uniquely Effective Core Exercise by Chad Waterbury

Hard Work is a Universal Language by Ross Enamait

Hydrotherapy: How Water Can Help You Recover from Workouts by Neghar Fonooni

An Interview with Natalia Verkhoshansky

Fastest Way to Lose Fat by Jason Ferruggia

Want to Deadlift Everyday? by Todd Bumgardner

Minimalist Hamstring Training by Smitty Diesel

High Volume Pushup Ladders by Smitty Diesel

Massage Tools: Gua Sha and the Like by Patrick Ward

Med Ball Training for Movement by Joel Jamieson

Copying a Program is a Mistake by Jim Kielbaso

Conditioning the MMA Athlete by Chris Merritt

Is There a Dark Side to Intermittent Fasting? by Nia Shanks

Weightlifting and Physique by Jacob Tsypkin

Pull-Throughs for Elite Strength by Tony Gentilcore

Build a Thicker Back in 28 Days by Dan Blewett

3 Ways to Target Quads by Lee Boyce

40 Squat Workouts in 8 Weeks by Tim Henriques

The 30 Second Mobility Cure by Max Shank

How High Should You Swing Your Kettlebell? by Dave Hedges

Repeated Adductor Strain During Squats: A Case Study by Bret Conreras

Barbell Complexes for Fat Loss by Chris Smith

Talent and Mental Toughness by Jackson Yee

The Falling Start by Stevo Reed

That’s it for this time. Have a great weekend, and be sure to connect with me on Twitter and Facebook, and also to sign up for my free newsletter and giveaway above.