Complexes Made Simple

I had a new article go up on T-Nation yesterday that discusses 10 principles for designing complexes and shares four great sample complexes for you to try. I think/hope you’re like it. You can read the article HERE. The picture is completely unrelated to my article, but my buddy texted it to me yesterday and I thought it was funny :-)  


Good Reads (and Videos) For the Week: 7/14/2013

I just looked at the calendar and noticed that July is half over already. Does anyone else feel like the summer just started? I guess time flies when you’re having fun. Or when you’re working all the time… I’ve put together another great list of articles for you to peruse, but first, a few things. I’m still getting a lot of Facebook friend requests on my personal Facebook page, but that page is maxed out, so if I haven’t accepted your request, it’s not because I’m being a dick. I’m trying to transition my fitness stuff to my Facebook fitness [...]


Skater Squats with a Twist

Wow, two blog posts in two days. I think that’s a record for me the past six months or so. Can a brotha get a “Yeah Buddy!”? YEAH BUDDY! Today’s post is going to be short, but I wanted to share a little twist I’ve been doing with skater squats that I really like, which I’ve not-so-creatively called Perpendicular Landmine Skater Squats. Rather than try to describe them—which would probably just confuse you anyway—I’ll just show you what they look like. I’ve done skater squats with the landmine for quite some time, and I even wrote them on my blog [...]


Understanding Training Bias

I had a new article go up on T-Nation today sharing five training tips, which you can read HERE. I want to cut-and-paste an excerpt from the article about understanding training bias when you read fitness information. This is something I feel very strongly about, and I think understanding this concept would help eliminate a lot of the stupid (and almost always unnecessary) internet arguments that seem to pop up on a daily basis. Understanding Training Bias Adopt the ability to sort through the influx of information you're exposed to on a daily basis and figure out how to best [...]


Good Reads (and Videos) for the Week: 7/5/2013

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve put a Good Reads compilation together, or even blogged for that matter. The summer is my busiest time of year, so I probably won’t be blogging nearly as often as normal, but I’ll still do my best. I hope everyone had a nice 4th of July. I did, except I ended up with a massive sunburn on my chest and stomach. Doh! Anywho, here’s an article that I had published on T-Nation earlier this week. 7 Brutal New Upper Body Exercises And since I’ve stopped doing the weekly video compilations, I thought I’d [...]