Great Resource for Lower Body Training

Yo yo.

Sorry I’ve been a blogging bum the past few weeks, or truthfully, the past few months.

Things have been super busy at the gym, which is a great thing in one sense, but it means that this blog slows down a bit.

I’ve also been traveling the past few weekends, so that’s why I haven’t shared any Good Reads posts, although I’m hoping to have a monster list this Saturday—don’t hold me to that, but it’s the goal.

Really quickly though, I wanted to let you know about a great new learning resource that Eric Cressey and Mike Reinold released this week called Functional Stability Training: Lower Body.

If you read this blog regularly then you’ll notice that I often like to highlight Eric and Mike’s work because I think they’re both really smart dudes. So it’s not surprising that I really like this collaborative project from the two of them.

Mike deals more with the assessment and rehab side of lower body training, while Eric handles the training stuff. The resource (I hate referring to learning resources as ‘products’ because to me that makes it sound like a hair care product or something) is split into nine different modules, with Mike sharing five and Eric sharing four. The modules are a mix of webinar-style presentations, as well as actual presentations filmed at Eric’s gym.

You all know that I freakin’ love me some lower body training and pick training legs over upper body ten times out of ten, so I was excited to check it out.

In fact, during the summer I wake up at 4am during the week, but last night—against my better judgment—I ended up watching several of the modules from 10pm until past midnight. Woops! It was worth it though.

I haven’t made it through the whole thing because there’s a lot of info, but so far I’ve watched Mike do presentations about assessing lower body alignment (which starred by friend Dave Rak shirtless….score!) and training the foot and ankle, and I watched Eric do a presentation about training the adductors for health and performance and another all about the deadlift, which you know I liked.

In the past I’ve heard some people complain about resources that didn’t have the highest quality cinema-style filming. Personally, I don’t give a rat’s ass about the cinematography when I’m watching something training-related with the intent to learn, but just FYI, but if you’re the type that needs all sorts of glitz and special effects, this doesn’t have it. It’s perfect quality no viewing isn’t as issue, but they don’t jazz it up; all steak, very little sizzle, which is what I like.

Being super smart dudes, Eric and Mike talk at a pretty high level, so I probably wouldn’t recommend this to the general fitness person unless you already have a strong background in training. I think it’s a very valuable resource for trainers, strength coaches, and physical therapists though, and I’d recommend it highly. It’s a great price for what you get, so it’s definitely worth checking out. It’s on a big sale this week, so check it out while the gettin’s good.

You can read more about it and see all the different modules HERE.

Speaking of lower body training, here’s a video from a leg finisher that I did the other day: a 45 second (maybe a little more) skater squat iso hold. Burn baby burn!