Impressive Display of Posterior Chain Strength

About a month ago I shared a video of my awesome 45 year-old supermom client Julie crushing 25 feet-elevated pushups with good form. That’s not a typo, so check out that post HERE if you haven’t watched it already.

Julie is going to be taking a break from personal training for the summer, so today was her last session with me for a couple months.

She’s been working really hard on stability ball leg curls, so today we decided that for the last set we’d rep out and see how many she could get (she’d already two sets prior to this).

She ended up getting 35 reps with good form.

Again, that’s not a typo. 35 reps.

Here it is.

I knew she was strong, but holy moly that’s a strong posterior chain.

The key on this exercise is to keep your hips elevated the whole time to ensure that the glutes are engaged. As a rule of thumb, you want a straight line from your knees to your neck.

When you do it correctly, it’s quite tough, a lot tougher than Julie makes it look here. As a point of reference, I have a lot of high and college boys that can’t do this.

Pretty awesome stuff.