Good Reads for the Week: 4/27/2013

I was out of town last weekend so I didn’t do a Good Reads, so I made up for it this week with an extra-awesome list. Here are a few blog posts you may’ve missed. I’ve been getting a lot of great feedback on the two RDL variations from people that are trying them out and liking them, so that’s really nice to see. Landmine RDLs Simple Regression to Single Leg RDLs Online Training Available (three of the four spots have filled but I one opening starting the week after next) And here are two articles I’ve had published on [...]


Simple Regression for Single Leg RDLs

A lot of times with my own training I look for ways to progress exercises and make them harder, but a lot of times with clients it’s actually more about finding ways to regress exercises to make them easier, especially when it comes to challenging exercises like the single leg RDL. A lot of people really struggle to do single leg RDLs. A few weeks ago I show a TRX assisted version (see here) where you put the back foot in the stirrup of the TRX. I really like this exercise and I’ve gotten a lot of really good feedback [...]


Landmine RDL: Awesome RDL/Pull Through Hybrid

Today I want to share a very simple but very good exercise to work the posterior chain and help teach a good hip hinge: the landmine RDL. Set up just like you would for an old-school t-bar row. Facing away from the landmine, straddle the barbell and hook a V-handle or rope attachment underneath the bar to give you something to hold. From there, stand up with the bar and take a small step bar so that you’re leaning back slightly—emphasis on slightly. Then just do a hip hinge as if you were doing a Romanian deadlift, focusing on pushing [...]


Online Training Available

I just wanted to make a quick post to let you know that two of my online training clients finished up this past week so I have two slots opening up for new clients. I keep telling myself that I'm going to create a tab for online training at the top of my homepage, but alas, I suck with computers and have no clue how to do that :) I'm going to look into that, but in the meantime, this blog post will have to suffice. If you’re interested in some online coaching, please send me an e-mail HERE with the [...]


Good Reads (and Videos) For the Week: 4/13/2013

I hope everyone had a good week. It should be a good weekend anyway because I’ve got another awesome Good Reads list for you, and I even included a few videos for you at the end too, so make sure you read the whole post. Here are two blog posts you may have missed. In-Season Training Lessons by Joe Amerlock Awesome Chest Finisher And the rest of the list… Enjoy! Too Jacked to Olympic Lift? by Wil Fleming Big or Strong or Both by Sean Hyson Fascinating Facts About Sleep by TC Luoma Interview with Joe Dowdell Strength Coach Podcast [...]


Awesome Chest Finisher

Today I want to share a fun single arm dumbbell bench press variation that involves pressing with one arm while holding the other arm at approximately a 90 degree angle and then repeating in reverse on the other side in one continuous set. Like so: Being super creative when it comes to naming stuff (I’m being totally facetious here), I call it a one arm bench press with iso hold. Brilliant, I know. Boring name aside, this is a nice exercise to fry the heck out of the chest. I like to do these after I’ve finished up all my [...]


In-Season Training Lessons

Today I have a guest blog post for you from Joe Amberlock. Joe is currently a student at Liberty University and has spent the past winter working with the hockey team there. I have spoken with him several times on the phone and he is a really nice dude with a huge passion for strength and conditioning. He approached me about doing a guest blog talking about the lessons he’s learned about in-season training with his hockey guys, and seeing that I also work with a lot of hockey players, I enthusiastically obliged his request. So with that, I’ll turn [...]


Good Reads for the Week: 4/6/2013

Sup y’all? I’ve got another Good Reads post for you to check out. I had some fun putting this one together, mostly because I was watching ‘Harlem Shake’ videos while I did it but also because they are a bunch of darn good articles. First off, here’s a blog post I wrote earlier in the week. Struggle with single leg RDLs? Next up, I want to share a new book that just came out from Bret Contreras and Kellie Davis called Strong Curves: A Woman's Guide to Building a Better Butt and Body. I had a chance to look it [...]


Struggle with Single Leg RDLs? This might really help

I really like single leg RDLs, but I have a hard time with them, and so do most of my clients. The hardest part is just the balance aspect, and for reasons I can’t explain, it just seems harder to learn and do well than other single leg exercises like single leg squats, skater squats, etc. If you’re like me and struggle with them, or if you’re a trainer and find that your clients struggle with them, this variation I want to share today might really help you. As is typical with me, I don’t have a good name for [...]