Good Reads for the Week: 3/30/2013

So it’s been three weeks since I’ve done a Good Reads post. I know, I know—lame. I put them together over the weekend and I’ve been out of town the past two weekends so, no Good Reads.

But rather than dwell on the past, focus on the fact that I’ve got a freakin’ awesome list for you this—even longer than most.

First off, here are some T-Nation articles I’ve had published recently.

Long Live Static Stretching!

Nothing Beats Single Leg Training

Ultimate Back Hypertrophy Movement

6 Coaches Weigh In On Shoulders

And here are some blog posts.

Spring Cleaning For a Good Cause

Front Loaded Skater Squats

Awesome Exercise For Upper Back and Lats

Advanced Core Training Sans Equipment

Now for the best of the rest. Enjoy!

Fitness Feeds by Eric Cressey

The Perfect Warm-Up by Andrew Heffernan

Big vs. Strong by Sean Hyson

The Tale of 2 Rolls by Charlie Weingroff

Back to the Future: Learning From Mistakes of the Past by Keith Scott

Arching vs. Bracing by Mike Robertson

Sparing the Shoulders by Eric Cressey

Collaboration Between Personal Trainers and Physical Therapists by Mike Reinold and Jon Goodman

Are You Wasting Time on Meaningless BS? by Jason Ferruggia

Quick and Easy Ways to Feel and Move Better by Greg Robins

Creative Barbell Complexes by Jen Comas Keck

7 Steps to a Flexible Diet by Nate Miyaki

Olympic Lift Variations to Get Big by Wil Fleming

The Magic Touch by John Romaniello

Ask Joe Defranco: Top 5 Strength Training Exercises by Smitty Diesel

Interview with Julia Ladewski

Strength Coach Podcast Episode 119

Creatine: How Much Should You Be Taking? by John Kiefer

20 Ways to Decrease Stress and Anxiety by Mike Robertson

Trouble Shooting Fat Loss: 4 Reasons Why You Haven’t Reached Your Goal Yet by Jill Coleman

Strength of Evidence Podcast Episode 5: Starring Jen Sinkler

Strength of Evidence Podcast Episode 6

Finding Happiness by Adam Bornstein

Interview with Brandon Marcello

Interview with Karsten Jensen

Strength Train with a Purpose by Grant Geib

Developing Power in the Weight Room by John Grace

Dynamic Effort Training by Bret Contreras

6 Tips for People Who Stand All Day by Eric Cressey

Top 5 Hamstring Exercises by Mike Robertson

6 Ways to be Like an Iron Yoda by Dan Blewett

2 Critical Shoulder Savers by Smitty Diesel

5 Unconventional Changes You Can Make For Fat Loss by Jen Comas Keck

Hard Work vs. Prep Work by Lee Boyce

How to Work Up by Sean Hyson

The Orchestration of Movement by Cian Lanigan

Glute-Ham Sit-up Variations by Zach Long

Side Bridge Row Technique by Eric Cressey

An Athlete’s Approach to Optimal Eating by Nate Miyaki

Bench Press Technique by Tony Gentilcore

My 5 Favorite Exercises Right Now by Coach Dos

Pumpkin Protein Bars by Emily Giza Socolinsky

Physical Activity and Fitness in Schools by Michael Zweifel

26 Training Lessons from 26 Years by Drew Henley

In Defense of Dynamic Effort Work by Ross Bowsher

Five Ways to Fix Your Deadlift by Eric Prush

Why Every Training Sucks, But Mine by JL Holdsworth

High Protein, High Set Program by Chris Colucci

6 Stronger Bench Exercises by Todd Bumgardner

The Blueprint to Forearms by Josh Hamilton

Flow Warmups by Dean Somerset

3 Carry Variations For Your Core by Molly Galbraith

Chin-ups: 6 Tips to Get Over the Bar by Neghar Fonooni

And…that’s a wrap!

Hope you enjoyed the list.

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