Good Reads for the Week: 3/2/2013

Sorry it’s been a couple weeks since my last Good Reads post, and sorry I’ve been a bit of a bum about blogging in general the past month or sorry. The winter is a really busy time for me at the gym, and between that and trying to keep up with my other writing, it’s hard to find time to blog as much because, unfortunately, the blog usually takes a back seat to the other stuff.

The good news is that I’ve got a great post for you today to make up for it. Not only do I have a whole slew of awesome reads, I have some videos, too.

Here are some blog posts I wrote that you may’ve missed:

4 Practical Tips for “Hardgainers”

Walking Pushup Slides

And here’s an article I wrote for T-Nation.

8 More Practical Tips for Training and Recovery

Now for the best of the rest. Enjoy!

The Ten Rules of Progressive Overload by Bret Contreras

How to Design Density Programs for Fat Loss by John Romaniello

The 10 Things Fitness Magazines Won’t Tell You by Adam Bornstein

Psychology Trumps Physiology Every Time by Mike Boyle

The Manthathalon by Martin Rooney. I actually tried this challenge this week and it was a lot of fun.

Assess, Accept, Adapt by Neghar Fonooni

On the Red Carpet with Valerie Waters: Fitcast Interview

Training Is Like Farming by Mike Boyle

When You Should Take a Day Off by Dean Somerset

Working Out When You Just Don’t Want To by Dean Somerset

Allostasis and Physical Preparation by Patrick Ward

5 Surprising Reasons You’re Not Gaining Muscle by Jason Ferruggia

20 Ways to Prepare Young Athletes For Success in Sports and in Life by Eric Cressey

The Iodine Deficiency Epidemic by TC Luoma

Filling In Your Knowledge Gaps by Mike Robertson

Quick and Easy Ways to Feel and Move Better by Greg Robins

Carboholics Anonymous 5 Step Program by Dr. Mike Roussell

4 Rules for Lifting to Failure by Tony Bonvechio

3 Tips For Finding a New Space For Your Gym by Pete Dupuis

Supine Leg Whips by Eric Cressey

It’s Not Where You Train, It’s How You Train by John Romaniello

The Best in Training by Jim Wendler

EDT for Strength by Derek Woodske

Take Your Deadlift from Suck to Sick by Tony Gentilcore

Assessing Posture in Single Leg Stance by Mike Robertson

What is Conditioning? by Pavel Tsatsouline

The Short Stop Squat by Dr. Stuart McGill

Ron McKeefery interviews Cal Dietz

The Eight “Ates” of Strength and Conditioning by Gregory Martin

Ron McKeefery interviews Alan Stein

Multidirectional Sled Hip Drills by Joel Jamieson

NFL Combine Inside the Numbers by Michael Zweifel

Set a PR Everyday by Dave Dellanave

Best Ways to Audit Your Program by Dan John

4 Weeks to a Bigger Chest by Dan Trink

Lift Offs by Bret Contreras

The Reverse Band Bench Press and How to Know How Much Help You’re Receiving From the Bands by Steve Reed

Bench Press: Fix Your Weakness by Jordan Syatt

3 Tips to Improve Your Core Training by Jon Erik Kawamoto

RFD and Superhero Athleticsm by Sean Guevemont

Are Avocados Healthy? by Adam Bornstein

3 Simple Steps to Build Muscle Fast by Mike Samuels

Improving Exercise Technique: Pull Throughs by Tony Gentilcore

Why Use Sled Towing in Training? by Chris Beardsley

5/3/1 for Strongman by Chase Karnes

A Different View of Intensity and Volume by Kyle Newell

Short Term Periodization by Mark McLaughlin

3 Awesome Workouts You Can Do in 15 Minutes or Less by Molly Galbraith

Why Are You Doing What You’re Doing? by Josh Hamilton

Fat Loss Methods: Which Is Right For You? by Jon Erik Kawamoto

Here is a video of one of my 15 year old clients crushing 185×22 on the bench. Holy moly!

And here is a video of one of my 16-year-old clients hitting 225×15 on the bench. He’s about my size and can bench more than I can already!

Why Women Should Lift Heavy Weights by Rachel Guy. Good stuff here.

Eric Cressey trap bar deadlifts 600×4. Strong!

Lee Boyce hits a 505 lb. deadlift. It’s rare to see such good form on a max attempt. Very nice.

That’s all for this time. I’ve also uploaded some of my own videos to my You Tube page, but you can check those out there because I don’t want to make this post all about me.

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Have a great weekend!