2 Awesome (and Challenging) “Core” Exercises to Try

I like to make short blog posts from time to time sharing different exercises that I’ve been using that I think you might enjoy. Usually I just share one, but today I’ve got two for you. Score!

The theme of both exercises is: “core” exercises that work a bunch of other stuff too.

Or if you don’t like the idea of “core” training, you could call these exercises: upper body exercises that also work the core too.

Either way is fine. Basically, both exercises work a whole bunch of stuff at once.

1. 1 Leg Sliding Pushup Reach

This is a progression of stationary sliding pushup reaches where both feet are in contact with the floor. Switching to one leg decreases the base of support and increases the rotary stability demands quite a bit.

In the past I’ve increased the difficult of sliding pushup reaches by adding a weight vest or just doing a ton of reps, but I started noticing that both of those methods increased the difficulty more so for the shoulders rather than the core, and since I do this one primarily as a “core” exercise, that wasn’t working as well for what I’m looking to do. Plus, I like to do my core work at the end of an upper body workout, and it was hard to do that when my shoulders were tired.

Switching to one leg increases the core demands without increases the upper body demands, making it a better option for my goals.

You can do all the reps on one side and then switch to the other side or do them in alternating fashion like I’m doing in the video.

Also, if they’re too hard from pushup position, you can actually do the same exercise on your knees and it’s still pretty darn good.

2. Half-Kneeling Landmine Lateral Raises

P.S. Feedback on the beard?

In a recent article I had published on T-Nation earlier in the week (check it out here), I shared how I’ve been doing lateral raises using the landmine. These are awesome, and I freakin’ love the way they hit the shoulders.

Thinking about it more though, I realized that you could do the same thing in a half-kneeling stance and make it double as an awesome core exercise too. It’s very similar in nature to a half-kneeling lift, only you get to smoke your shoulders at the same time. And in fact, I feel it more in my core than half-kneeling lifts, too.

You can do it in a true half-kneeling position with the rear knee on the floor, or raise the knee slightly like I’m doing in the video, which I guess technically changes it from half-kneeling to more of an iso lunge—which I really like. Both options work well though.

You should feel these a lot in shoulders, rotary core, and glutes.

Give both of these exercises a shot and let me know what you think.

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