Advanced Core Training Sans Equipment

Over the past few months I’ve shared several great rollout, slideout, and bodysaw variations to work the anterior core.

But what about if you don’t have an ab wheel or Valslides? Or what about if you’re on the road and don’t have access to a gym?

Here are two awesome core exercises that require nothing more than your own bodyweight.

Before you scoff and click off the screen, at least do me a solid and check em’ out because I promise that even with no added resistance these are both pretty darn challenging.

1. Long Lever Plank Shoulder Taps

Regular shoulder taps are where you get into pushup position and alternate touching each hand to the opposite shoulder while focusing on keeping your torso and hips steady.

That’s a great exercise in its own right, but it may not be very challenging for more advanced lifters. To make it substantially harder, try walking your feet back into a longer lever plank before doing the shoulder taps. The same rules apply for these as for the regular pushup taps; do each rep slowly and deliberately and make sure you aren’t arching your back and/or swiveling your hips and shoulders as you reach across your body.

The further you walk back, the further you extend the lever and thus the harder the exercise becomes.

Here’s what it looks like in action.

2. Long Lever Plank Flutters

This one is very similar to the long lever shoulder taps, only you keep both your hands on the ground and instead alternate picking up your feet one at a time, almost like you’re doing a swimming kick (hence why I call it ‘flutters’).

Just like in the previous exercise, you want to keep steady and avoid arching your back. To that end, when you lift up your legs, make sure your squeezing your glutes and having them do the work to lift your leg rather than extending from the lumbar spine. If you’re doing these correctly your glutes should be on fire by the end of the set.

Both of these exercises can be easily regressed by just not walking back so far with your feet. Only go as far as you can control.

If you find yourself without equipment and still want a great core workout, give these a shot and let me know what you think.

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