Good Reads for the Week: 3/30/2013

So it’s been three weeks since I’ve done a Good Reads post. I know, I know—lame. I put them together over the weekend and I’ve been out of town the past two weekends so, no Good Reads. But rather than dwell on the past, focus on the fact that I’ve got a freakin’ awesome list for you this—even longer than most. First off, here are some T-Nation articles I’ve had published recently. Long Live Static Stretching! Nothing Beats Single Leg Training Ultimate Back Hypertrophy Movement 6 Coaches Weigh In On Shoulders And here are some blog posts. Spring Cleaning For [...]


Spring Cleaning For a Good Cause

Today I’m going to stray a bit from talking about fitness and talk about spring cleaning. It may seem a bit random, but it’s actually quite timely given that spring officially started a few days ago and I spent a good chunk of yesterday morning trying to clean out the trunk of my car, which when you’re a fitness fanatic with as much junk as I have, is no small order. I like to joke that I bring the gym with me to the gym. Yikes! Anyway, while cleaning is invariably a pretty boring topic, I’m actually quite excited about [...]


Front Loaded Skater Squats

Hey all! Two blog posts in a week! That might be a record so far for 2013. Score! Today I’ve got another quick one for you. Truth be told, I like the shorter posts better because myself because I find I never end up reading all the way through longer posts anyway. Do you feel the same way as me or do you tend to like longer posts? Let me know below. Anyway, today I just want to show an alternate way to do skater squats. I’m really glad to see that skater squats seem to be catching on with [...]


Awesome Exercise for the Upper Back and Lats

If you read this blog with any regularity or basically anything else I’ve written then you know I’m a huge fan of chin-ups. In particular, I really like ring chins because they tend to feel better on the elbows and shoulders. Here’s a ring chin-up variation that I really like because it’s not only joint-friendly but it also absolutely smokes the lats, upper back, and rear delts. As is typical with me, I don’t have a great name for it, so I went with: “Fly Away” Ring Chins. Pull yourself up like you would a regular ring chin, starting with [...]


Advanced Core Training Sans Equipment

Over the past few months I’ve shared several great rollout, slideout, and bodysaw variations to work the anterior core. But what about if you don’t have an ab wheel or Valslides? Or what about if you’re on the road and don’t have access to a gym? Here are two awesome core exercises that require nothing more than your own bodyweight. Before you scoff and click off the screen, at least do me a solid and check em’ out because I promise that even with no added resistance these are both pretty darn challenging. 1. Long Lever Plank Shoulder Taps Regular [...]


Good Reads for the Week: 3/8/2013

Time for another Good Reads list. I’m posting a day early because I won’t be able to post tomorrow. Here’s a blog post you may have missed from earlier in the week. 2 Awesome Core Exercises to Try And here’s a new article I had published on T-Nation. 3 Shoulder Training Tips and 5 Exercises Also, my friends John Romaniello and Adam Bornstein had their new book Man 2.0 Engineering the Alpha: A Real World Guide to an Unreal Life come out for pre-order. I’m really looking forward to it and suggest you check it out. Now for the rest [...]


2 Awesome (and Challenging) “Core” Exercises to Try

I like to make short blog posts from time to time sharing different exercises that I’ve been using that I think you might enjoy. Usually I just share one, but today I’ve got two for you. Score! The theme of both exercises is: “core” exercises that work a bunch of other stuff too. Or if you don’t like the idea of “core” training, you could call these exercises: upper body exercises that also work the core too. Either way is fine. Basically, both exercises work a whole bunch of stuff at once. 1. 1 Leg Sliding Pushup Reach This is [...]


Good Reads for the Week: 3/2/2013

Sorry it’s been a couple weeks since my last Good Reads post, and sorry I’ve been a bit of a bum about blogging in general the past month or sorry. The winter is a really busy time for me at the gym, and between that and trying to keep up with my other writing, it’s hard to find time to blog as much because, unfortunately, the blog usually takes a back seat to the other stuff. The good news is that I’ve got a great post for you today to make up for it. Not only do I have a [...]