Good Reads For the Week: 2/9/2013

Wow, the Northeast is getting hammered by this blizzard!

I thought any storm named “Nemo” couldn’t possibly be that intense (seriously, what a wussy name), but boy was I wrong. I just looked outside and it looks like we’ve already got around two FEET of snow, and it’s still coming down.

So basically I’m snowed it for (at least) the rest of the day.

If you’re in the same boat, or even if you’re not, then this week’s Good Reads will probably be appreciated.

I’ve gotten away from posting videos, but I think I’ll try doing a “Video of the Week” at the start of these posts. So today, it’s sled drags.

I’ve uploaded a few more videos this week as well, which can see on my You Tube page.

Now for the reading. Here are some blog posts you may have missed.

Great Rollout Progression: 1 Leg Slideouts

My First Speaking Gig

And here is an article I had published on T-Nation.

8 Blast Strap Exercises For Serious Upper Body Muscle

Now for the best of the rest. Enjoy!

7 Ways to Get Strong Outside of the Sagittal Plane by Eric Cressey

Quick and Easy Ways to Feel and Move Better by Greg Robins

7 Movements You Can Coach Better by Wil Fleming

Integrating the FMS Into Group Training by Steve Long

Kettlebell Deadlift/Swing Hybrid by Bret Contreras

4 Ways to Write Programs Faster by Mike Robertson

When to Specialize by Mike Boyle

How Much Fish Oil Should I Take? How to Determine Your Personal Needs by Dr. Mike Roussell

A Logical Argument Against the Tracy Anderson Method by Dean Somerset

Vitamin D: 3 Things You Probably Know, 3 Things You Probably Didn’t by Dean Somerset

Slim Is Simple by Tony Gentilcore

Do You Have to Be Ripped to Be a Personal Trainer? by Jon Goodman

Instructional Videos from Bret Contreras

Sharpen Your Split Squat Skills by Molly Galbraith

6 Tips to Deadlift Better by Smitty Diesel

Busting Bodyweight Exercise Myths by Nia Shanks

How to Use a Heart Rate Monitor by Joel Jamieson

Sports Therapy vs. Performance Engineering by Jeff Cubos

The Key Components to Effectively Programming Group Training by Tyler English

Unleashing Your Tibialis Posterior and Fixing Flat Feet by Dean Somerset

Exercise You Should Be Doing Better: Box Jumps by Chris Anderson

Avoid These 3 Baseball Warmup Mistakes by Eric Cressey

Win the Day by Ross Enamait

Teaching the Pull by Colin Burns

Know Pain or No Gain by Chris Johnson

Training Percentages Made Simple by Jordan Syatt

Smart Overhead Pressing by Dean Somerset

The Perfect Rep by Lee Boyce

3 Experts, 5 Programs by Bret Contreras

Explosive Ultimate Live by Tim Morrill

The Cost of Training by Corey Hayes

Welcome to the Real World by Eirik Forlie

Taking You From Curling In the Squat Rack to Squatting in the Curl Rack by Doug Spurling

That’s all for this week. Have a good weekend, and if you’re in the Northeast, stay safe!

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