Good Reads for the Week: 2013 New Year’s Edition

Hey there. I missed a Good Reads post last week because I was slammed doing last minute Christmas stuff. I’m still pretty slammed, which is why I’ve been slacking on the blog the past couple weeks (and slacking on writing in general, actually) but I managed to put together another awesome list of articles from the past couple weeks. I even made the list a bit longer to account for some of last week’s stuff.

Before I get to the list though, I want to share a video of a recent trap bar deadlift I pulled: 370×21. That’s something I’ve wanted to do since the summer, so it feels good to get it by the end of the year. It’s been awhile since I’ve gone balls out on a set of high rep deads (it used to be one of my favorite things) so it felt good. And by good, I mean it friggin’ sucked

Remember to also subscribe to my You Tube page for more videos, as I’ve been sharing more. My channel actually went over 3 million views, which is absolutely mind-boggling to me. I’m very humbled and surprised that so many people have watched my ugly mug lift weights, but I really appreciate the support, so thanks!

Ok, on to the list. Here are a few things I wrote for T-Nation last week.

8 More Random Thoughts and Training Tips

6 Coaches Weigh-In on Pull-ups. This wasn’t my article; I just contributed to it a little bit.

And here are some blog posts I wrote.

Self-Assisted One Leg Glute-Ham Raise

Online Training Spots Open

And now for the best of the rest. Enjoy!

5 Training Strategies for Knee Pain by Grant Lofthouse

6 Interesting Things About Strength by Tim Henriques

Warm Up by Mike Robertson

The Balance by Mike Boyle

What I Didn’t Learn in 2012 by Sean Hyson

More Things I Didn’t Learn This Year by Sean Hyson

The Fitcast Episide 250 featuring Alwyn Cosgrove and Lou Shuler

Physical Education From the Past by Ross Enamait

Your Journey by Rachel Cosgrove

3 Coaching Cues: Shoulder Edition by Eric Cressey

A Critical Reply to an Uncritical Coach by Bret Contreras

7 Day Beginner Trainer by Adam Bornstein

Stuff I Learned in 2012 by Lee Boyce

The Why and Why It’s Still Important to Get People Strong by Tony Gentilcore

Coaching the TRX Y Exercise

Making the Transition by Jesse Irizarry

4 Things I Learned In 2012 by Mike Reinold

5 Tips for a Better Kettlebell Swing by Neghar Fonooni

7 Ways to Lose Weight Without Counting Calories, Tracking Points, or Going Crazy by Sirena Bernal

Quick and Easy Ways to Feel and Move Better by Greg Robins

Gutting the Glute-Ham Raise by Bret Contreras

Does Everyone Need to Squat Deep? by Tony Gentilcore

Strength of Evidence Podcast Episode 3.5

How to “Stick” the Box Squat by Tony Gentilcore

Interview with John Meadows

How I Built My Best Bench Ever by Brandon Lilly

My 10 Favorite Pre-Training Drills by Greg Robins

Getting the Most Out of Your Off Season by Matt Vincent

Monitoring and Maximizing Recovery by Chad Smith

The Blue Collar Warmup by Adam Kuehl

Coaching Cues by Ryan Brown

99 Problems But a Barbell Ain’t One by Neghar Fonooni

Back to the Future: 80s Food Trends Debunked

Foam Rollers Are For Wimps! by Dan John

7 Tweaks to Make Exercises More Evil by Dan Trink

The Best Press by Pavel Tsatsouline

I Work Hard But I’m Not Stupid by Lee Boyce

4 Strength Training Tips You Won’t Find In Books by Smitty Diesel

4 Mass Building Exercises for Triceps by Smitty Diesel

New Rules of Lifting- Supercharged by Alwyn Cosgrove

Upper Body Warmup and Prehab by Todd Bumgardner

Can You Put a Dollar Sign On Your Health? by Doug Spurling

Stop Setting Goals by Kellie Davis

Building the X Physique Part 1 by Josh Hamilton

Building the X Physique Part 2 by Josh Hamilton

TRX Batwings by Tony Gentilcore

The One Supplement You Must Take by Ines Subashka

Ladies: Some Tips on Feeling Comfortable in the Weight Room by Ines Subashka

Tibialis Posterior: The Most Important Muscle You Didn’t Know You Had by Dean Somerset

Comparing Apples to Bacon by Kaila Prins

Soft Tissue Work by Doug Spurling

Ten Things from 2012 by Stevo Reed

3 Business Mistakes That Are Killing Fitness Professionals by Rich Mejias

Why Warm Up? by Emily Socolinsky

Yes, You Should Work Out Today by Kellie Davis

That’s it for today. Hope you liked it.

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Have a good weekend and a Happy New Year!