Glute-Ham Raise Regression/Progression

Today I want to share a glute-ham raise variation that I really like both as a regression and a progression of the standard glute-ham raise: the glute-ham raise/razor curl combo.

Perform an eccentric glute-ham raise followed by a concentric razor curl.

Like so.

I’m a huge fan of glute-ham raises, so this is a way to make it a bit more user-friendly for people of different abilities.

The eccentric portion of the glute-ham raise is easier for most people than the concentric, and razor curls are easier than glute-ham raises, so for those new(er) to glute-ham raises, this is a way to work towards the full shebang. Just lower down in as controlled a manner as you can and razor curl back up to the top. This allows you to practice the eccentric portion and still work knee flexion with the razor curl.

For stronger users, this same technique can actually function as a progression simply by slowing the eccentric portion of the rep and/or adding some load, as I’m doing in the video above. When you overload the eccentric, it’s next-to-impossible to come back up in normal glute-ham fashion with good form, so doing a concentric razor curls makes it a bit easier and allows you to extend the set and get more eccentrics.

Whether you’re looking to work up for glute-hams or make them harder, you might want to give these a shot.

A few other quick tips for glute-hams in general:

– If they tend to both your knees and/or thighs, knee sleeves might really help. I’ve typically only worn knee sleeves in the past for squatting and lunging type movements, but I’ve started using them or glute-hams and it’s been a lot more comfortable.

– Try doing them with your hands on your butt. I find this helps reinforce a good body position (you want to maintain a straight line from knee to neck) and serves as a good reminder to keep the glutes engaged as well.

Just don’t be creepy about it.

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