Good Reads for the Week: 2013 New Year’s Edition

Hey there. I missed a Good Reads post last week because I was slammed doing last minute Christmas stuff. I’m still pretty slammed, which is why I’ve been slacking on the blog the past couple weeks (and slacking on writing in general, actually) but I managed to put together another awesome list of articles from the past couple weeks. I even made the list a bit longer to account for some of last week’s stuff. Before I get to the list though, I want to share a video of a recent trap bar deadlift I pulled: 370x21. That’s something I’ve [...]


Online Training Spots Open

Hey all. Hope you had a nice Christmas yesterday. I just wanted to let y’all know that I’m opening up a few new spots for online training starting next week: January 2nd. So a week from today. I require a three month commitment up front, so just know that up front. If you’re interested, hit me up HERE with a description about yourself and your goals and I’ll send you more info about what the program entails, pricing, etc. so we can see if it’s a good fit for both of us and then hopefully get cranking. Have a good [...]


The Christmas Spirit

This week has been crazy busy so I haven’t had time to put together a Good Reads list as usual, but I did want to share something that I think is really important and timely given the time of year. I actually wrote this post last year right before Christmas but I want to share it again because a) I think it’s a great idea and b) a lot more people read my blog now so I’m sure there are a lot of you that missed it last year. I’m all for Christmas presents, but I think as a culture [...]


Self-Assisted One Leg Glute-Ham Raise: Killer Hamstring Exercise

Today I want to share a glute-ham raise variation that I’ve been doing. As per usual I don’t have a catchy name for it, so I’ll just go with self-assisted one leg glute-ham raise. Unhook one foot from the foot holds, but rather than let it dangle freely in the air, place it underneath the foot hold such that the calf is resting on the back of the foot hook and the foot is not touching the foot plate. I know that sounds confusing, so here it is. In the past I’ve tried true single leg glute-ham raises where the [...]


5 Training Strategies for Knee Pain

Today I’ve got a guest blog for you from Grant Lofthouse about training strategies for knee pain. Grant reached out last week after reading an article I wrote about dealing with knee pain and offered to give some further suggestions. I’m always down for new ideas that have worked for people, so I’m glad to share his thoughts. I’ll now turn it over to Grant. 5 Training Strategies for Knee Pain Hey what’s up Grant Lofthouse, I’m a trainer from down under and have been following Ben for a good year or so now. Ben’s first article that I ever [...]


Good Reads for the Week: 12/15/2012

Time for another Good Reads. I was lame week and didn’t have any blog posts, so I did two this week to make up for it. Elbow-Friendly Triceps Exercise: Sliding Bodyweight Triceps Extensions Glute-Ham Raise Regression/Progression And I also had a new article go up on T-Nation. Is Your Leg Strength Up to Snuff? Now for the rest. The Lessons and Experiences of a Strength and Conditioning Professional’s 30 Year Career by Rob Panariello 7 Tips for Dominating Seminars by Mike Robertson Contreras Files V Are Dips Safe and Effective? by Eric Cressey Should Baseball Players Bench? by Tony Gentilcore [...]


Elbow-Friendly Triceps Exercise: Sliding Bodyweight Triceps Extensions

Today I’d like to share a great elbow-friendly triceps exercise with you that—as per usual with me—I don’t know what to call, so I’ll go with sliding bodyweight triceps extensions. Here it is. I came to these because one of my online training clients has been dealing with persistent elbow pain that has prevented him from doing any real direct triceps work—especially extension-type movements (i.e. skullcrushers, etc). I’ve experienced the same thing myself in the past, and I’ve always found that the exercises that piss the triceps off the most are the ones where there’s a high degree of elbow [...]


Glute-Ham Raise Regression/Progression

Today I want to share a glute-ham raise variation that I really like both as a regression and a progression of the standard glute-ham raise: the glute-ham raise/razor curl combo. Perform an eccentric glute-ham raise followed by a concentric razor curl. Like so. I’m a huge fan of glute-ham raises, so this is a way to make it a bit more user-friendly for people of different abilities. The eccentric portion of the glute-ham raise is easier for most people than the concentric, and razor curls are easier than glute-ham raises, so for those new(er) to glute-ham raises, this is a [...]


Good Reads for the Week: 12/8/2012

Hope everyone had a good week. Time for another good reads. I was lame this week and didn’t post any blogs, but I did have a new article come out on T-Nation. 5 Killer Trap-Bar Deadlift Variations I also uploaded some new videos on my You Tube page, so check those out and please subscribe to my channel if you don’t already. While this was a quiet week for me on the writing front (crazy busy at the gym), other coaches and writers picked up the slack. Enjoy! Training Football Players by Mike Boyle Is It Dangerous to Squeeze the [...]


Good Reads for the Week: 12/1/2012

Happy December everyone! Time for another Good Reads. Here’s a blog post from the other day that you might’ve missed Total Backside Blitz And here are some awesome reads (and listens) from the past week. Enjoy! Our Most Important Quality? by Mike Reinold How the Frequency Progression Works by Chad Waterbury The Myth of Neutral Spine by Mike Robertson Intervention by Dan John Quick and Easy Ways to Feel and Move Better by Greg Robins The Contreras File IV by Bret Contreras Squat and Deadlift Technique: Why the “Knees Out” Cue Might Not be Enough by Eric Cressey On the [...]