Good Reads for the Week: 11/24/2012

Another week is in the books, and that means it’s time for another Good Reads. I hope all my American readers had a good Thanksgiving!

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Now, here are two blog posts you may have missed during the week.

Training and Wheels

What I’m Reading. This post has some great book recommendations in the comments too.

And here are the best of the rest. Enjoy!

Awesome Interview with Ross Enamait

Psoas? So What? by Brandon Hetzler

Revisiting the FMS in a Team Sport Setting by Sean Skahan

Not All Questions About Strength Need to be Answered by Dan John

Just Be Compliant by Tony Gentilcore

New Strength Coach Podcast

Passion as a Trainer by Ross Enamait

Quick and Easy Ways to Feel and Move Better by Greg Robins

7 Overlooked Habits of Very Successful Lifters by Jesse Irizarry

Lessons Learned from Marvin Eder by Aris DeMarco

3 Myths of Scapula Exercises by Mike Reinold

20 Characteristics of a Real Man by Chad Howse

Vladimir Zatsiorsky Interview

Prepare the Child for the Path, Not the Path for the Child by Mike Boyle

9 Ways to Do Cardio by John Romaniello

Is a 300 Pound Bench Rare? by Tim Henriques

Interview with Dave Tenney

3 Moves to Bigger Shoulders by Joe Dowdell

Rows or Pulldowns for Back Width? by Chris Beardsley

Post ACL and the Quad by Charlie Weingroff

How Often Should You Eat? by Yoni Freedhoff

Ideal Metabolism by Brad Pilon

Interview with Kelly Baggett

5 Reasons to Use Speed Deadlifts by Eric Cressey

I Work Hard, But I’m Not Stupid by Lee Boyce

Massage and Stress Related Symptoms by Patrick Ward

Negative Imaging by Jeff Cubos

A Day In the Life of Calories In < Calories Out by Kaila Prins

Should You Make Your Own Gym Equipment? by Jason Ferruggia

Why Women Should Lift Heavy Weights by Nia Shanks

4 Weeks to Bigger Legs by Dan Trink

The Squat Pattern by Zach Moore

Finish Him by Sean Hyson

Fat Loss, Athletic Longevity, and Seniors by Alwyn Cosgrove

Thanksgiving Portion Guide from Kellie Davis

Developing a Youth In-Season Hockey Training Model by Kevin Neeld

The Ultimate Vacation Training Program by JC Deen

Favorite Exercise for Strengthening the Back by Smitty Diesel

4 Steps to Fix Your Squat by Tony Bonvechio

Are You a Former Fat Boy? by BJ Gaddour

13 Ways to Vary Any Exercise by Jon Goodman

Earthing Products by Kevin Neeld

Let Us Be Thankful For Strength and Family by Emily Giza Socolinsky

The Best Exercise You May Not Be Doing by Mike Baltren

5 Metabolic Circuits for the Holidays by Rich Thaw

Awaken the Glute Monster by Dean Somerset

Thanks all for this week. Enjoy all the football this weekend!

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