Good Reads for the Week: 11/17/2012

Happy Saturday y’all. Time for another Good Reads.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a longer blog, but this week I had two.

Numbers Don’t Always Tell the Whole Story

The Swole Quotient Formula

I also had a new article come out on T-Nation on Monday about skater squats.

An Unnamed Single Leg Gem of an Exercise

Now for the best of the rest.

Renegade Cardio (on a huge sale through tomorrow night)

What a 1,000 Pound Pull Can Teach You by Eric Cressey

3 Myths of Scapula Exercises by Mike Reinold

How to Fix Your Squatty Kettlebell Swing by Zach Moore

Training the Unstable Client by Mike Robertson

6-12-25 Chest Workout by Joe Dowdell

6-12-25 Back Workout by Joe Dowdell

You’re Not That Tired by Sean Hyson

Strength Coach Podcast

Slider Exercise Tutorial by Ross Enamait

Secrets of Back Training by Nick Tumminello

Restorative Training by Patrick Ward

Do Pain Pills Impair Muscle Growth? by Brad Schoenfeld

Debt Free in 24 Months at 24 by Brendon Rearick

Look Like a Football Player by Jim Wendler

Stay Away From Jack by Alwyn Cosgrove

Things I Think About by Alwyn Cosgrove

7 Reasons You Should Be Deadlifting by Andy Bolton

How Excess Stimulant Use Can Lead to Overtraining by Jason Ferruggia

Glutes Gone Strong by Neghar Fonooni

Quick and Easy Ways to Feel and Move Better by Greg Robins

Six Tips To Make You a Better Trainer by Mike Anderson

3 Steps to a Better Backside by Mike Baltren

4 Genetic Factors That Determine Your Success by Matt Brzycki

How I Benched 400 by Tim Henriques

Lessons Learned From Marvin Eder by Aris DeMarco

Step One and Step Two by Dan John

Finish Him! by Sean Hyson

Interview with Kevin Neeld

Part 2 Interview with Kevin Neeld

Turkish Getup Tutorial Progressions by Todd Bumgardner

The Tools of the Trade by John Alvino

Step-Up For Muscular Development by John Paul Catanzaro

Conditioning in a Crowded Gym

Sometimes Foods by Molly Galbraith

5 Lessons From a Hurricane by Martin Rooney

Your First Powerlifting Meet by Jim Wendler

Cinnamon Vanilla Cake Batter by Adam Bornstein

Girl Power: Why Lifting Heavier Can Be a Life Changer by Dan Trink

Can You Really Do Anything You Want? by Chad Howse

Focus On What You Can Do by Nia Shanks

Is the Time Change Zapping Your Energy? by Kellie Davis

5 Ways to Amp Up Muscle Growth by Jon Erik Kawamoto

That’s a wrap for this week. Hope you enjoyed the list.

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