Good Reads for the Week: 10/27/2012

Well it’s the weekend already (this week flew by for some reason), so that means it’s time for another good reads. Here it goes…

Here’s a blog post you may have missed from Thursday.

4 Ways to Progress the Skater Squat

I also had a new article go up on T-Nation on Monday. I think you’ll find this to be helpful.

Sissy Exercises That Aren’t

Now for the best of the rest. Enjoy!

Floor Press by Mike Robertson

10 Ways to Sustain a Training Effect by Eric Cressey

Your Diet Isn’t Building Muscle by Bryan Krahn

A Coach’s Primary Objective Should Be to Teach by Jason Devos

Stomping on the Olympic Lifts by Charlie Weingroff

Big Shoulders by Sean Hyson

Considerations in Elbow Rehab and Performance Enhancement Training by Rob Panariello

Smart, Strong, and Sexy by John Romaniello

Women Cal Do Pullups by Ross Enamait

Leading and Enabling by Ross Enamait

Interview with Joel Jamieson

Strong Female Booties by Bret Contreras

Interview with Bret Contreras

Fitness of the Fly by Joe Dowdell

Interview with Dr. Stuart McGill

Strength Coach Podcast Episode 110

10 Ways to Avoid a Shoulder Injury by Jason Ferruggia

Graduate to Gratitude by Martin Rooney

Looking Fit Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Being Healthy by Jen Comas Keck

Either/Or by Dan John

Maxing on Squats and Deadlifts Every Day by Greg Nuckols

4 Move Lower Body Metabolic Circuit by Joe Dowdell

Strong Sexy Fierce by Rachel Cosgrove

3 Awesome Shoulder Warmup Drills with Bands by Smitty Diesel

Intermittent Fasting and Bulking by Brad Pilon

Measuring Progress, Beyond the Scale by Molly Galbraith

Is a Biceps Tenodesis the Answer? by Mike Reinold

6 Things About Protein by John Kiefer

Maximal Strength Training for Muscle Mass by Joe Giandonato and Josh Bryant

So You Want to Compete in Strongman? by Chase Karnes

Don’t Forget About the Coaching by Kevin Carr

The 3 Biggest Mistakes Kids Make While Playing Catch by Chad Rodgers

How to Lose Fat and Keep the Muscle by Ryan Munsey

Deadlift 911 by Tony Gentilcore

Is There a Fitness Double Standard? by Tony Gentilcore

Goblet Bulgarian Split Squats by Tony Gentilcore

Printable Kitchen Cheat Sheet by Kellie Davis

Reactive Plyometric Progression by Kevin Neeld

The Importance of Reps by Paul Carter

Troubleshooting Baseball Hitting by Jay Kolster

Having Guts by Mark Reifkind

Reneging on Egg Yolks by Pat Koch

The Art of Cueing by Jon Goodman

Is It Possible to Prevent Concussions? by David Lasnier

Different Hip Flexor Stretches by David Lasnier

Ines Subashka on pain

Scapular Pushup Progressions by Jordan Syatt

What Movements to Pair with Bench Pressing by Matt Siniscalchi

That’ll do it for this week. Please also remember to connect with me on You Tube, Twitter, and Facebook.

Have a great weekend! And have a fun and Happy Halloween!