Good Reads for the Week: 10/19/2012

Yo yo. I’m coming at you with this week’s Good Reads a day early because tomorrow I’m going to watch a powerlifting and won’t be able to post.

I’ve got an awesome list for you though. Actually, I was going to try to pick out a “Top 10” list of posts, but the list was too damn long because there are so many good ones this time. I guess that’s a good problem to have.

Before I get to the list though, a few announcements.

1. Tomorrow is the last day to pick up Chad Waterbury’s new HFT (High Frequency Training) program for 50% off (50 bucks, which is a complete steal). I’ve started incorporating some of his ideas into my own training and I really like it. I really recommend you check it out yourself and see if it’s something you might be interested in using. You can read more here.

2. I have a few cool posts/articles in the works that I think you’ll really dig.

– A soup to nuts tutorial on how to do skater squats and how to incorporate them into your program. I’m about half way done and it’s shaping up to be pretty cool.

– An update on the high frequency pressing routine I’m currently doing. I’m pressing four times a week, and I’m going to share how I’m doing that without running my shoulders into the ground. This is new for me so it’s still a work in progress, but it’s been fun so far.

If you have any specific questions on either of those things, let me know in the comments below and I’ll try to address them.

3. Adam Bornstein from just started a really cool new personal website: Adam is a smart dude and a great writer so give it a look.

Ok, here are a few blog posts you may have missed during the week.

3 Teaching Progressions for the Skater Squat

Great Info on High Frequency Training

Landmine Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats

And now for the best articles from the week. Enjoy!

No Quit Tips Part 2 by Sean Hyson. This is actually Part 2 of a series, but I included first because it’s actually an interview that Sean Hyson did with me. So, it goes first 🙂

Stop Quitting on Yourself by Sean Hyson

Paying Dues by Chase Karnes

The Superset Survival Guide by Eric Cressey

Advice For Aspiring Grad Students and Strength Coaches by Bret Contreras

Round Back Deadlifts by Mike Robertson

Smart, Strong, and Sexy

10 Ways to Avoid a Shoulder Injury or Surgery by Jason Ferruggia

What’s the Deal with Spondy? by Tony Gentilcore

Small Additions Produce Big Results by Ross Enamait

7 Good, Trusted Supplements For Your Health by Adam Bornstein

Tough or Reasonable? by Dan John

The Endangered Exercises by Martin Rooney

Opening Up the Fat Loss Playbook by Nate Miyaki

The Biggest Exercise by Chris Colucci

Squat 101 by Jim Smith

How to Make Protein Ice Cream by Adam Bornstein

Band-Assisted Pushups by Dave Rak

Success by Mike Boyle

Mental Musings by Chad Rodgers

Client Physiology by Mark Reifkind

Success by Mike Boyle

Lesson From the Old Ball Coach by Sean Skahan

Pre-Season Wrap Up by Brijesh Patel

Optimizing Performance by Kevin Neeld

Is Variety That Important? By David Lasnier

How Do I Get More Personal Training Clients? by Jon Goodman

Geeky Fridays by Bojan Kostevski

Dirty Secrets from Eating Clean by Kaila Prins

How to Avoid the Freshman Fifteen John Matulevich

That’s it for this week. Have a great weekend!