Great Story About Dealing With Injury

Today’s blog is a guest post from Gerry McAuley. Gerry e-mailed me several months ago with questions pertaining to a serious knee injury he had undergone. It’s always hard when I get medical questions because I want so badly to help the person because I know how much it sucks, but at the same time, it would be irresponsible to give medical advice. What I can do though is just share my experiences and what I’ve been through and try to offer encouragement and hope that helps in some small way. Apparently it did with Gerry. I haven’t heard from [...]


What’s Your Excuse?

One week ago today (August 29th) I celebrated my 27th birthday. Over the hill, I know :) I started the day by traveling back home to New Hampshire to visit my mom and have breakfast at the absolute best breakfast place in the world. That’s actually been scientifically proven in a study I recently performed. The sample size was one (aka. me), but whatever. I digress. Breakfast was awesome, as it always is. I get a big-ass omelet with bacon, avocado, mushrooms, spinach, and feta cheese, a side of home fries, a side of grilled tomato slices, and a couple [...]


Landmine Sliding Single Leg RDL

A few weeks ago I shared Sliding Single Leg RDLs, which is a great way to do single leg RDLs with the added stability of having your back foot in contact with the floor. I’ve received lots of good feedback on that exercise from people that have tried it, but one thing I’m hearing is that loading with a barbell can be tricky for some folks. This certainly makes sense, so if you’re looking to do the exercise but aren’t ready for the barbell, I want to suggest that you try doing it with a barbell placed in a landmine [...]


Good Reads for the Week: 9/1/2012

I hope you had a good week. Mine was great. It was my birthday Wednesday, and I took the liberty of spreading the celebrations out over the course of the whole week. I had a blast, but that also explains my lack of posting this week. Sorry about that. Well, I’m not really sorry because I think it’s important to step back and have fun from time to time, and besides, I’m making up for it today in a big way by sharing an awesome list of fitness reads from the past week. Here’s a post you may have missed [...]