Good Reads For the Week: 9/29/2012

Time for another awesome list of fitness reads from the past week. I’ve got to go get my car fixed (bummer!) so I’m going to cut the chit-chat and just spill it.

Here’s a post you may have missed during the week.

Simple Tip For Increased Productivity

And here is a new article I had published on T-Nation.

Cool Rowing Movements

Now for the best of the rest. Enjoy!

3 Keys to a Successful Fitness Website by Mike Robertson

Interview with Dan John

Man Skills: 9 Skills to Elevate Your Manliness by Max Shank

Weird Exercise For Building a Strong Back by Smitty Diesel

Arnold’s Blueprint by Ross Enamait

What’s the Single Biggest Thing You Can To Improve Your Program? by Tony Gentilcore

Some Thoughts on Training the Lactate System by Patrick Ward

Olympic Lifting Made Simple by Wil Fleming

Don’t Forget About the Coaching by Kevin Carr

Glutes: The Sleeping Giants by Martin Rooney

Not Everyone Gets a Trophy by Anthony Donskov

Origins of Beast Mode Fitness Systems by Anthony Mychal

Matching On and Off Ice Demands by Kevin Neeld

Integrating PRI Into Performance Training Programs by Kevin Neeld

7 Strategies to Get More Vegetables In Your Diet by Chris Howard

4 Fitness Tools Worth Every Penny by Joe Dowdell

Fitness on the Fly with Joe Dowdell

Thinking Concentric With Your Strength Training Program by Eric Cressey

Zen On a Merry Go Round by Martin Rooney

How to Eat Whatever You Want and Look Freakin’ Amazing by Jason Ferruggia

Stress: The Real Epidemic by Dan Brown

A Foundation For Strength and Conditioning and Sports Science by Bret Contreras and Chris Beardsley

Strength of Evidence Podcast with Bret Contreras and Jonathan Fass

Discover What Works For You by Nia Shanks

Personal Trainers: Are You a Sexy Maker or a Health Producer? by Greg Justice

Finding True Happiness at the Swap Shop at Kellie Davis

Interview with Nia Shanks

Lift Like a Girl Program by Nia Shanks

2 Lessons For Up and Coming Baseball Players by Chad Rodgers

The Great Rack Pull Myth by Jim Wendler

Good Training Partners: Value Added Training by Jay Cook

Becoming a Personal Trainer by Al Kavadlo

Functional Bodybuilding by Nick Tumminello

The Way to Increase Muscle Mass and Impress Everyone Around You by Bojan Kostevski

October Strength and Conditioning Research Questions from Bret Contreras

Mobility and Warming Up by Steven Rice

The Big 5 Moves of Doom Mass Builders for Beginners by Eirik Forlie

Counting Points For Weight Loss by Jeremy DuVall

Why Female Athletes Are Getting Hurt by Rich Mejias

Top 5 Most Hated Prowler Exercises by Charles Gardner

Ladders to Success by Mike Samuels

The Most Underrated Movements by Dave Tate

How to be Superman With Your Knees by Kyle Newell

Barefoot Philosophy from Devan McConnell

Getting Inventive with Your Training Equipment by Coach Dos

Flip It by Alwyn Cosgrove

Why My Program Is Better Than Yours by JC Deen

Stop Worrying About Your Job by Sirena Bernal

Today I Have a Choice by Jen Comas Keck

8 Lessons From the Midwest Performance Enhancement Seminar by Molly Galbraith

Personal Trainer Marketing by Pat Rigsby

3 Mistakes That Killed My Progress by Ines Subashka

The Push-Up Is a Plank by Harold Gibbons

And that’s a wrap. Hope you enjoyed the list.

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Have a good weekend. Go Pats!