Good Reads For the Week: 9/22/2012

Yo yo yo. Hope you had a good week and are gearing up for a big weekend ahead. I’m sure you have some cool plans, but make a little time to read some of these articles I’ve compiled together because there’s a lot of good stuff here.

Before I get to the list, I want to remind the aspiring fitness writers out there that How to Get Published: Writing Domination in the Fitness Industry by Lou Shuler, Sean Hyson, and John Romaniello is currently 50 dollars off through this weekend before the price goes back up, so if it’s something you’re interested in possibly getting, check it out here. I think it is well worth it.

Now here are some blog posts you may have missed during the week.

New Trap Bar Deadlift Personal Best (Still feeling this one, haha)

4 Brutal Backside Exercises

Cool Resource For Aspiring Fitness Writers

And here are the best of the rest. Enjoy!

New Girls Gone Strong Website. It’s great that these awesome ladies have finally got their oficcial website up and running. Show them some love and check it out!

Habits of Strong Lifters by Jim Wendler

My Writing Journey: From Tattered Notebook to My Name in Print by Neghar Fonooni

Form Running For Non Track Athletes by Joe Defranco

Strength Coach Podcast Episode 108

Some Thoughts On Training the Lactate System by Patrick Ward

Follow Up Lactate Training Article by Patrick Ward

Making and Gauging Progress: Get Off the Scale by Jay Cook

Quick and Easy Ways to Feel and Move Better by Greg Robins

Sacrifice and Hard Work in the Fitness Industry by Mike Robertson

5 Writing Mistakes Fitness Pros Should Never Make by Jason Ferruggia

7 More Mistakes Fitness Pros Should Never Make by Jason Ferruggia

Good Training Partners: Valued Added Training by Jay Cook

Random Baseball Thoughts by Eric Cressey

Random Thoughts by Bret Contreras

Are You Teaching the Olympic Lifts the Wrong Way? by Wil Fleming

Omega 3 Madness by Dr. Hector Lopez

Interview with Arnold by Sean Hyson

Is it Fascia or Motor Control? by Charlie Weingroff

What You Can’t See Can Hurt You by Robert Dos Remedios

Best Exercise in Ever: Deadlifts by Dean Somerset

Are Heavy Kettlebell Swings Better Than Deadlifts? by Bret Contreras

Just Win the Play by Alwyn Cosgrove

Arguing Semantics With Myself by Kaila Prins

5 Mistakes That Killed My Progress by Todd Bumgardner

How to Balance Pressing in Your Strength Training Program by Eric Cressey

Red Kites and Blueberry Pop-tarts by Tony Gentilcore

Bodyweight Exercise Progressions by Nia Shanks

A Pain-Free Pec Program by Dean Somerset

Fitness on the Fly by Joe Dowdell

Slideboard Pushup vs. Band by Tony Gentilcore

Long Lever Pelvic Tilt Plank by Bret Contreras

Train Like a Man: The Real Paleo Exercise by Martin Rooney

Finding True Happiness at the Swap Shop by Kellie Davis

Coach Dos’ Top 5 Sandbag Moves

Why My Program Is Better Than Yours and Why All the Others Suck by JC Deen

Skinny Fatness, Hardgainers, and High Frequency Training by Anthony Mychal

Perfect Form and Maxes by Jim Wendler

Life Is Like a Deli by Martin Rooney

How to Break the Loop of Insanity and Get the Results You Want by Sirena Bernal

Isometric Chest Supported Row by Max Shank

Random Thoughts by Tony Gentilcore

Why Swings Over Jump Squats and Olympic Lifts? by Bret Contreras

5 Tips For a Bigger, Badder Overhead Press by Dan Trink

Interview with Kellie Davis

Geeky Fridays by Bojan Kostevski

3 Practical Steps to Getting More Done In Less Time by Stevo Reed

I Run, Should I Lift Too? by Kelsey Reed

9 Ways to Amp Up a Pull-Up by Jon Erik Kawamoto

Improve On Mat Strength With Loaded Carries by Rich Mejias

Climbing the Hill by Smitty Diesel

Pumpkin Pie Muffins by Jen Comas Keck

Single Leg Stability by Kevin Neeld

20 Best Quotes by Personal Trainers and Physical Therapists by Nick Tumminello

The Importance of Genetics by Matt Brzycki

The Most Important Life Lesson from Kill Bill by Roger Lawson

Personal Trainer Marketing by Pat Rigsby

3 Things You Got Wrong About High Fat Low Carb Diets by Ines Subashka

Stop Making Workouts, Create An Experience by Jeremy DuVall

Take Off Your Pants and Train Your Legs by Harold Gibbons

How to Switch Things Up If You’re Rack or Bench is Taken by Eirik Forlie

Fat Grip Training For Strength and Muscle by Chris Smith

That’s all for this week. Have a great weekend, and please connect with me on Twitter and You Tube and sign up for the free newsletter at the top of the screen.

Have fun this weekend!