Good Reads For the Week: 8/24/2012

I normally make these posts on the weekend but I’m going to be tied up this weekend and don’t want to leave you hanging this week. So here are a bunch of awesome articles and podcasts from the past week.

In case you missed my blog post earlier in the week, I have a few spots open for online training. Actually, two spots. Let me know if you’re interested.

Online Training Spots Available

And here is an article I had on T-Nation yesterday sharing knee-friendly ways to build up your legs.

Knee-Friendly Quad Builders

Now for the best of the rest. Enjoy!

Never Put Off Until Tomorrow What You Can Do Today by Mike Boyle (Not training related, but a very important message that I try to remind myself about frequently)

Real Life Training and Eating by Dan John

Strength Coach Podcast with Kelly Starret

Do Eggs Cause Heart Disease? by Adam Bornstein

12 Programs to Follow by Tim Henriques

Coaching 101 by Dan John

Coaching 102 by Dan John

Chase Karnes Interview

Jen Sinkler Interview

Quick and Easy Ways to Feel and Move Better by Eric Cressey and Greg Robins

Summer Testing- Results and Thoughts by Jim Wendler

Should Pitchers Distance Run? by Rob Rabena

How to Train When You’re Traveling Or On Vacation by Nia Shanks

Random Thoughts by Bret Contreras

It Doesn’t Need to be So Complicated by Tony Gentilcore

Strength of Evidence Podcast

Supplement (In)Sanity by Tony Gentilcore

It’s Not That Bad by Dean Somerset

Soccer Fitness by Mike Young

Lower Extremity Injuries: Is it Just About Hip Strength? by Bryan Heiderscheit

How to Build Explosive Muscle by Chad Waterbury

Making Sense of Supersets by Lee Boyce

Three Mistakes I Made, So You Don’t Have To by Ines Subashka

7 Things to Do When You Fall Off the Wagon by Sirena Bernal

Better Biceps Curls by Nick Tumminello

What I Ate Today by Jen Comas Keck

The Secrets by Mike Boyle

Barbell Reverse Lunges by Tony Gentilcore

The Northwood Program by Anthony Mychal

Kill Your Heroes and Own the Hell Out of Yourself by Anthony Mychal

Breathing Techniques For a Smaller Waist and Tummy by Zach Moore

The Perfect Lower Body Warmup Sequence by Smitty Diesel

What I’ve Learned from Arnold by Smitty Diesel

10 Tips for Easier Dieting by Sohee Lee

Just Thinking by Mike Baltren

Are You Personal Training the Wrong People? by David Wu

Improving Shot Power Through Rotational Power Training by Kevin Neeld

Barbell Hip Thrust Issues For Women by Kellie Davis

Maintaining Strength by David Lasnier

My Experiment With Daily Squatting by Harold Gibbons

Single Leg Hurdle Progressions by Marco Sanchez

Appreciating the Setup in Training by Matt Siniscalchi

How to Be Strong In a Dangerous World by Chris Smith

Is Direct Arm Work Necessary For Sculpted Arms? by Stevo Reed

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Squat? by Ryan Wood

How Can I Go About Building Some Muscle? by Steve Troutman

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Have a great weekend!